New Products March 2013

A Safer Standard With Long-Sleeved Scrubs?

Scrub tops get a makeover to adhere to recent changes in surgical standards requiring many OR teams to wear long-sleeved jackets.

   PerforMAX pOweR scrub, the healthcare industry’s first long-sleeved scrub top, helps protect against the transfer of germs by providing a protective barrier between the patient and the healthcare worker’s bare arms, notes the manufacturer Medline Industries. This scrub top helps keep the OR environment sterile by containing shedding skin cells from bare arms, adds the company.

   According to Medline, the long sleeves in the PerforMAX pOweR scrub tops are sewn directly into the short sleeves of the scrub top to create a more fashionable layered look. The scrubs are available in a variety of colors and made of a blend of polyester, nylon and spandex, according to the company.

Company: Medline Industries
Product: PerforMAX pOweR scrub line
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The Next Big Thing In Scales

Practitioners hoping to simplify the collection of their patients’ height and weight might want to consider a new option in scales.

   The new MUW 300L health and fitness scale is ideal for any application needing height, weight and body mass index calculations, according to the manufacturer Adam Equipment. The MUW 300L eliminates the manual process and any physical contact, which often leads to inaccurate results, notes the company.

   Adam Equipment explains that the MUW 300L uses ultrasonic technology to safely measure height while providing body mass index calculations instantly and simultaneously on a vivid backlit display.

   An RS-232 interface allows speedy connection to computers and printers with multi-language support allowing one to use the scale in the care of a variety of patients, adds Adam Equipment.

Company: Adam Equipment
Product: MUW 300L
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Quicker Casting

Podiatrists may be able to try before they buy with a new line of medical and skin care products utilizing advanced, condition-specific SmartGel™ Technology.

   The manufacturer GelSmart notes it will be implementing a wide-reaching SmartGel “Feel Free” Sampling Program, hand delivering product samples to the top podiatrists nationwide. According to GelSmart, the sample kit will include detailed information on the four SmartGel formulas: Diabetic Friendly, Hydration Therapy, Scar Therapy and Comfort Cushion.

   Recipients will be able to feel the unique qualities of this new generation of gel-based orthopedic and skin care products based in superior gel materials infused with natural botanicals, essential oils and vitamins, explains the company.

   According to GelSmart, the infusion of natural ingredients enhances the healing properties of each of the SmartGel formulations. Additional advantages include greater comfort, better adherence and improved overall treatment outcomes.

Company: SmartGel
Product: SmartGel™ “Feel Free” Sampling Program
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