By Kristine Hoffman, DPM

Bites and stings from spiders, scorpions and ticks can lead to conditions ranging from irritating dermatological issues to more serious systemic consequences.This author discusses the diagnosis and treatment of allergic reactions, Lyme disease, scabies and other conditions that can result from insect bites and stings.

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By Ben Tehrani, DPM, Marisse Lardizabal, DPM, and William D. Fishco, DPM, FACFAS

A 34-year-old female presented to our institution with the chief complaint of a painful, dystrophic and discolored nail plate on her left hallux. This complaint began approximately five years ago when she had a total nail avulsion without a matrixectomy.

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By Richard L. Blake, DPM

Dealing with pain in a sports medicine practice can be a very difficult, challenging and frustrating process. Let us take a closer look at approaching common types of pain in these patients, dealing with good pain versus bad pain, and getting the athlete moving forward toward a complete recovery.

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