By Richard Horsman, DPM
With the impending deadline for conversion to ICD-10-CM and the increased emphasis on electronic health records (EHR), this author offers historical perspective and how this combination may affect documentation and reimbursement in the near future.
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By Lowell Weil, Jr., DPM, MBA
Shockwave is a perfect addition to any practice that sees plantar fasciopathy, Achilles tendinopathy and other tendinopathies as well as bone and wound problems.
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Panelists: Patrick DeHeer, DPM, FACFAS, Doug Richie Jr., DPM, FACFAS, Russell Volpe, DPM
Our expert panelists discuss the use of hinged and non-hinged ankle foot orthoses (AFOs), and offer pearls from their experience for ensuring shoe fit when patients begin wearing AFOs.  
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