By Bryan C. Markinson, DPM, FASPD
Presenting a guide to effective management of pigmented nail lesions due to melanocytic processes, this author offers several case studies, reviews key clinical pointers for diagnosing longitudinal melanonychia and advocates the benefits of the nail matrix shave biopsy in detecting subungual melanoma.
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By Michael C. Keller, DPM, FACFAS, Joshua D. Thun, DPM, and Alexander J. Curfman, DPM
A seemingly trivial puncture wound can be at risk for infection, osteomyelitis or other complications due to a delayed diagnosis or inappropriate management. Accordingly, these authors provide a comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and management of puncture wounds. 
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By David Swain, DPM, CWSP
This author details the treatment of an infected ulceration and os­teomyelitis in a man who had been on a longstanding hydroxyurea regimen to control his polycythemia vera.
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