By Michael C. Keller, DPM, FACFAS, Joshua D. Thun, DPM, and Alexander J. Curfman, DPM
A seemingly trivial puncture wound can be at risk for infection, osteomyelitis or other complications due to a delayed diagnosis or inappropriate management. Accordingly, these authors provide a comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and management of puncture wounds. 
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By Barry Rosenblum, DPM, FACFAS, and Shawn Braunagel, DPM
Below-knee amputation. To see it in print conjures up images of failure. When we see it written in the OR schedule, we often ask ourselves, “What happened?” Was it a bypass that failed, a Charcot reconstruction that got infected or a heel ulcer in a patient with end-stage renal disease?
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By John F. Grady, DPM, FASPS, FACFAOM, and Robin C. Lenz, DPM
These authors discuss a total ankle replacement in a 63-year-old patient with unilateral post-traumatic ankle arthritis, reviewing keys to procedure selection and providing essential surgical pearls.
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