Ryan J. Donegan, DPM, MS, and Peter A. Blume, DPM, FACFAS
Pantalar arthrodesis can be an effective limb salvage option for pathologies ranging from Charcot arthropathy to end-stage posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Accordingly, these authors share essential pearls for the challenging procedure, explore fixation options and review the outcomes in the literature.
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Javier La Fontaine, DPM
The global prevalence of diabetes mellitus is rising with a global estimate of 366 million people diagnosed with the disease in 2011 and expert predictions that 552 million individuals will be diagnosed with diabetes worldwide by 2030.
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Bob Baravarian, DPM, and Brayton Campbell, DPM
Hallux rigidus is a common condition involving pain and limited range of motion to the first metatarsophalangeal joint (MPJ) with degenerative arthritis of the joint. Conservative treatments include activity modification, stiff-soled shoe gear, orthotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and cortisone injections.
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Are Custom Orthoses Beneficial For Achilles Tendinopathy?

Although custom orthoses may be effective for other conditions in the foot and ankle, the authors of a recent study are dubious of their impact for mid-portion Achilles tendinopathy.
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