New Products January 2011

New Graft For Diabetic Foot Ulcers

A new acellular graft may help facilitate healing in patients with diabetic foot ulcers and soft tissue repairs.

   The MemoDerm™ Acellular Dermal Matrix is a terminally sterilized, single application onlay graft, according to the manufacturer MMI-USA. The company says the product’s biological components provide a dermal scaffold to facilitate the regrowth of blood vessels and tissue.

   MMI notes that MemoDerm Dermal Matrix is processed via a unique, patent-pending method that decreases the potential for immunogenic response and also preserves natural histomorphology. The company also cites the product’s biomechanical strength and structural performance.

Company: MMI-USA
Product: MemoDerm™ Acellular Dermal Matrix
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Fuse Hammertoes Like A Pro

For hammertoe fusions, a new surgical system may be able to keep toes solidly fixated.

   Surgeons can use the Pro-Toe™ VO Hammertoe Fixation System for fusion of the lesser toes for hammertoe deformities, according to the manufacturer Wright Medical Technology.

   The company says the product provides solid fixation on both sides of the joint and the geometry of the Pro-Toe allows surgeons to reposition the system during surgery to obtain better results.

   Wright Medical says the product is currently available in limited release in the United States with a full rollout expected in the next six months.

Company: Wright Medical Group
Product: Pro-Toe™ VO Hammertoe Fixation System
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A Powerful Lift

Podiatry practices can accommodate larger patients with a new bariatric chair.

   The 527WP Tri Power Bariatric Podiatry Chair has a lifting capacity of 800 pounds and is 30 inches wide, according to the manufacturer MTI. The company notes the chair also accommodates patients of different heights with a minimum entry height of 19 inches and an extended height of 40.5 inches.

   In addition, MTI says the chair has an extended footrest and debris tray, which extend 12 inches and can support up to 200 pounds.

   One can use the 527WP’s Floating Arm™ system to move the back of the chair, obviating the need to readjust the patient continually, according to MTI. The company notes the chair has power lift, back and tilt functions, and one can achieve positions such as contour, flat and Trendelenburg.

Company: MTI
Product: 527WP Tri Power Bariatric Podiatry Chair
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Protecting The Achilles

A new ankle-foot orthotic (AFO) can offer patients protection while permitting weightbearing.

   The Heelift AFO includes a fixed elevation pad that one can customize to protect the Achilles tendon, according to the manufacturer DM Systems. The company notes that the AFO’s non-slip sole minimizes the risk of slippage while providing traction to permit limited mobility and weightbearing.

   The Heelift AFO is autoclavable and available in smooth and convoluted foam, according to the company. DM Systems adds that the product is available through durable medical equipment (DME) dealers.

Company: DM Systems
Product: Heelift AFO
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