Volume 20 - Issue 5 - May 2007

Treatment Dilemmas »

Key Insights On The Role Of Equinus In Foot Pain

By Babak Baravarian, DPM | 28845 reads | 0 comments

There has been a great deal of debate over the years about the potential cause of foot pain being associated with tightness and decreased dorsiflexion motion at the ankle due to an equinus deformity.

New Products »

Turbocharge PAD Treatment

2900 reads | 0 comments

Clinicians have a new tool to treat the potentially serious peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

Technology In Practice »

Is A Unique Topical Ideal For Diabetic Skin Care?

By Aaron Becker, Special Projects Editor | 4270 reads | 1 comments

For many patients with diabetes, skin care of the foot can be a primary concern. Neglecting skin conditions as simple as dry or cracked skin can lead to minor wounds or even ulceration.

   For practitioners, the simplest of preventative measures may be the key to combating diabetic skin conditions.

Forum »

Emphasizing First Impressions And People Skills Over The Interview Process

By John H. McCord, DPM | 2755 reads | 0 comments

Job interviews have been the greatest challenge for me during the past 32 years of running a podiatry practice. I am no good at it.

   I have read a few books on the topic and most suggest interview formulas. You and your office manager grill some poor kid with obscure questions like, “What are your five best qualities?” or “What did your last boss like least about you?” or “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

   I always ask the same question. “Is there anything you would just refuse to do on this job?”

News and Trends »

Does Secondhand Smoke Contribute To Delayed Post-Op Healing?

By Brian McCurdy, Senior Editor | 6418 reads | 0 comments

Doctors in various professions have noted the deleterious effects of smoking on post-op healing. A new study says smokers take almost twice as long to heal as nonsmokers and also sheds light on another aspect of smoking: the delayed effects of healing in those exposed to secondhand smoke.

Diabetes Watch »

When Patients With Diabetes Have Lower Extremity Nerve Entrapments

By Greg Mowen, DPM | 8559 reads | 0 comments

Editor’s note: Peripheral nerve decompression for patients with diabetes and lower extremity neuropathy continues to be a hotly debated topic in podiatric medicine and other specialties. The driving force of evidence based medicine has looked critically upon this procedure while many respected surgeons in a variety of fields have found great clinical successes. Dr. Mowen reviews many of the debate topics and presents some helpful information and opinion in this column.
— Dr. Steinberg

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