Will the recently passed healthcare reform legislation be beneficial or detrimental to podiatry?

10% (28 votes)
61% (179 votes)
Too early to tell
29% (86 votes)
Total votes: 293


Unfortunately health care in this country is a "toxic" industry; there is just not enough money to go around. So I do not think it is a big stretch to assume reimbursement rates for doctors can only go down in an effort to save money in one area to pay for health care expenses in a different area. Of course no one in Washington sees the ultimate impact that will have on the quality of individuals seeking careers in medicine. The bright minds of America tend do go into well paying careers; medicine will not be one of them.

typical sampling error on results.since the majority of DPMs in the US are right wing-that particular myopia will show in on line polls. empirically-the use of Medicare was enormously beneficial to Podiatry as it was implemented. any regulation of the normally borderline fraudulent insurance companies can only help.

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