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Top Ten Innovations

By Jennifer Spector, DPM, FACFAS, Associate Editor

Highlighting advances in foot and ankle surgery, wound care and medical technology, the author talks with thought leaders in podiatry about this year’s slate of emerging options to improve outcomes for patients.

By Jeff A. Hall, Executive Editor

In our annual roundup of new and emerging innovations, this author talks to thought leaders in the field to get their perspectives on advances in podiatric surgery, promising modalities in lower extremity wound care and much more.

Brian McCurdy, Managing Editor

Whether it’s a new advance for treating the Charcot foot, a promising wound care dressing, a cartilage allograft to address osteochondral defects or a medication for psoriasis, the latest roundup of innovations may offer treatment options for…

Brian McCurdy, Managing Editor

Can a new advance enhance external fixation? Could a native collagen product have an impact in counteracting biofilm recurrence? Can emerging topicals provide epidermal barrier repair in patients prone to dry, irritated skin? Could an intriguing…

Brian McCurdy, Managing Editor

Could emerging amniotic matrices facilitate improved wound healing? Could a new device help provide relief for patients suffering from plantar fasciitis? Does a new viscoelastic implant offer promise in the treatment of hallux limitus? With these…

Brian McCurdy, Managing Editor

Innovations in podiatric care may reduce the risk of post-op complications, improve wound healing outcomes or facilitate enhanced pain management. With this in mind, this author talks to leading physicians about key innovations including a new…

Brian McCurdy, Senior Editor

Podiatric physicians continue to gain new tools and technologies to improve lower extremity care. This author gets the input of experts on recent and emerging innovations in areas including surgical advances, wound care and antifungals.

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