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6,479 reads | 0 comments | 01/24/2013
Two phase III studies, recently published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, say a new topical triazole antifungal may be a viable alternative to oral treatments for onychomycosis. | Continue reading

4,196 reads | 0 comments | 12/19/2012
What type of bunionectomy do you most commonly perform? A recent Podiatry Today online poll reveals a range of preferences for the best surgery for hallux valgus (see ). | Continue reading

3,425 reads | 0 comments | 11/20/2012
In the midst of a busy day treating one patient after another, things inevitably threaten to throw your practice’s well-oiled machine off balance. How can your office avoid the pitfalls and keep things running smoothly so patients have reasonable wait times? | Continue reading

5,723 reads | 0 comments | 10/29/2012
In order to address possible pain after hallux valgus surgery, surgeons have used sciatic nerve blocks for anesthesia and post-op analgesics. However, a new study in the French journal Annales Françaises d’Anesthésie et de Réanimation notes that in a percutaneous approach to bunion surgery, a midfoot block may promote quicker postoperative ambulation. | Continue reading

4,643 reads | 0 comments | 09/25/2012
As the American population trends toward becoming more overweight and obese, such patients may have a greater risk for musculoskeletal problems such as ankle fractures. A recent study in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery concludes that obese patients have a higher risk of sustaining a more proximal distal fibula fracture. | Continue reading

5,055 reads | 0 comments | 08/28/2012
A new study in Diabetes Care notes that despite favorable results in long-term limb salvage for patients with diabetic foot ulcers, long-term survival rates remain unfavorable with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and renal insufficiency making for an especially poor prognosis. | Continue reading

4,919 reads | 1 comments | 07/25/2012
Podiatric physicians in New York State may soon be licensed to treat the ankle due to a proposed change in the scope of practice. | Continue reading

6,379 reads | 0 comments | 06/27/2012
The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) has released its latest guidelines for diabetic foot infections, updating the recommendations from 2004. | Continue reading

3,782 reads | 0 comments | 05/23/2012
By the year 2030, the rate of obesity in the United States will increase by an estimated 33 percent while the prevalence of severe obesity will rise by 130 percent, according to a recent study. | Continue reading

7,272 reads | 0 comments | 04/18/2012
A study recently published in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association speculates that equinus may occur more frequently than previously reported in patients with diabetes. | Continue reading