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Combating Sore Feet Two new gel cushions may provide just the right amount of padding to alleviate foot soreness while allowing flexibility.       The Slim-Gel Fit™ line may help protect against shear forces, abrasions, friction and other pressure on the feet, according to the manufacturer Silipos.       The company says the Slim-Gel Fit line contains a strap that allows the gel pads to be worn on either the left or the right foot.       Silipos says these products also include a metatarsal pad and bunion sleeve. The company | Continue reading

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New Options For Healing Damaged Skin Podiatrists may have two new options in their dermatology armamentarium. Kerol Emulsion and Kerol ZX can help promote healing of hyperkeratotic conditions such as psoriasis, xerosis and eczema, according to the manufacturer PharmaDerm. The company notes that physicians can also use the Kerol products to treat dry skin and damaged nails. PharmaDerm says the Kerol products contain zinc undecylate and lactic acid, which gently dissolve the intercellular matrix and | Continue reading

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   More patients can utilize the proven benefits of silver, thanks to a new dressing.    Melgisorb Ag releases a sustained amount of antibacterial silver for up to four days, according to the manufacturer Mölnlycke Health Care. The company says the non-woven dressing is composed of alginate with carboxymethyl cellulosic (CMC) fibers, which limit maceration to the wound due to low lateral wicking.    The company notes that Melgisorb Ag is designed for moderate to heavily exuding wounds and tests have shown that it absorbs 45 percent more tha | Continue reading

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Cool Cover

A new bootie can offer cold therapy for patients suffering from various conditions.
The NatraCare Cold Therapy Bootie has three pockets that allow patients to place cold packs around the heel, ball of the foot or the top of the feet, according to the manufacturer GelSmart/ PediFix.
The company says the booties can help ease chronic heel pain, Achilles tendonitis and low ankle sprains. In addition, patients can get relief from inflammation due to arthritis and strains from minor sports injuries. The company says patients can refrigerate | Continue reading

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Two new wound healing products harness the power of the ocean. The all-natural Ocean Aid Spray and Ocean Aid Moisturizing Foam can heal wounds without antiseptics or disinfectants, according to the manufacturer Ocean Aid, Inc. The company says the product line uses lysozyme, a natural antibacterial enzyme, along with coral reef sea salt in a sterile solution.

The company says Ocean Aid Spray uses an isotonic, purified sea salt solution while Ocean Aid Moisturizing Foam offers an antiinflammatory formula for soothing pain after phenol procedures as well as other nail procedures. Bo | Continue reading
Exoform Dorsal Night Splint

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A Helpful Night Splint

Patients with various types of heel pain may get relief from a new night splint.      The Exoform® Dorsal Night Splint can be helpful in treating plantar fasciitis and related types of heel pain, according to the product’s manufacturer Ossur.      The company says the product can address issues that commonly arise with other braces. These issues include a lack of adjustability, pressure points, product migration and rotation.      Furthermore, Ossur notes the Exoform has a support shell th

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Filling Bone Voids Like A Pro

A new implant not only fills bone voids but also preserves mobility.
Profil™ is a resorbable implant that consists of 100 percent beta-tricalcium phosphate (TCP), according to the manufacturer BioPro. The company says the high strength material can help preserve articular surfaces and permit natural bone healing.
BioPro says Profil achieves bone graft integration via osteoconduction. The product has bioactive material that permits long-term fixation, according to the company. It adds that Profil is avai

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A Unique Dressing

A new dressing attacks wounds from more than one angle.
Biostep™ Ag Collagen Matrix Dressings use a unique dual-action approach to target and deactivate excess matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), according to the manufacturer Smith and Nephew Wound Management.
The company says the dressings also use the antimicrobial effects of silver to minimize the chance of infection.
Smith and Nephew says Biostep has a six-day wear time and is more absorbent than other dressings.

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When documenting a patient’s vascular condition, a new lightweight technology may be an option. The Smartdop® 30EX is a bidirectional portable Doppler with an integrated printer and large visual LCD display, according to the manufacturer Koven Technology. The company notes the product also has an automatic cuff inflator for quick, simple, accurate ankle brachial index (ABI) and tibial brachial index (TBI) testing. With the Smartdop 30EX, the company says one can save up to 30 waveforms for later reference or print them out. Koven notes one can also download the optional Sm

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A Comfy Chair

Patients can expect comfort and DPMs can expect ease of use with a new podiatry chair. The Hill Podiatry Chair lifts, flattens, tilts forward and back, has auto return and has a foot break, according to the manufacturer Jan L. The company says the chair is handicapped accessible and has thick cushions with top-grade upholstery. The chair is available in 20 colors. Jan L says the chair lists for $3,995 but its actual cost would be $2,125 after a tax break, due to its handicapped accessibility.

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