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3,477 reads | 0 comments | 04/22/2013
There may be an answer for relieving irritation between toes and helping to remedy crooked toes in patients who are not surgical candidates. | Continue reading

6,108 reads | 0 comments | 03/26/2013
Are you looking for a new offloading device? | Continue reading

3,203 reads | 0 comments | 02/27/2013
Scrub tops get a makeover to adhere to recent changes in surgical standards requiring many OR teams to wear long-sleeved jackets. | Continue reading

2,523 reads | 0 comments | 01/29/2013
Podiatrists looking for a comfortable, latex-free surgical glove may have a new option. | Continue reading

3,058 reads | 0 comments | 10/25/2012
New And Improved Gait Assessment Device Given the importance of accurate gait analysis, an improved version of a tried and true device may provide podiatrists with even more precise gait analysis. | Continue reading

5,314 reads | 0 comments | 07/25/2012
New Solution For Fusion Fixation A new fusion device may enhance arthrodesis fixation in lower extremity surgery. | Continue reading

3,786 reads | 0 comments | 06/27/2012
A Podiatric Use For Amniotic Membranes Amniotic membranes, which have had longtime success in ocular surgery, may now have possible use in the lower extremity. | Continue reading

4,161 reads | 0 comments | 02/22/2012
A New Option For Treating Onychomycosis Patients with onychomycosis may find an easy to use treatment kit beneficial for their condition.    PediPirox-4 Nail Kit contains treatments for the comprehensive management of mild to moderate onychomycosis in immunocompetent patients without lunula involvement, according to the manufacturer Pedinol Pharmacal. | Continue reading

17,235 reads | 0 comments | 08/24/2011
Podiatric patients can treat dry, cracked heels in three steps with the new Sleep-N-Heel Heel Rejuvenating Kit. | Continue reading

4,839 reads | 0 comments | 06/21/2011
Healing Heels While Patients Sleep With a new heel sleeve, patients can get relief for their cracked heels while they sleep.    Sleep-N-Heel Night Conditioning Heel Sleeves can moisturize skin, smoothing rough, dry heels, according to the manufacturer Pedinol Pharmacal. The heel sleeves have soft, fragrance free lining that conforms to the heel, according to the company. | Continue reading