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New Products

Fighting Fungus And Renewing Nails

A single product may offer antifungal, cosmetic and renewal for toenails.

Combating Fungal Infection

Your patients may welcome a new launch of a tried and true antifungal that reportedly treats a variety of skin infections from different pathogens.

Absorbing Exudate

Clinicians can address exuding wounds with a new absorbent dressing.

A New Advance In Hammertoe Correction For patients with hammertoe, an innovative device may offer correction while taking anatomical differences and biomechanics into account.

A Gentler Wound Dressing Podiatrists can treat a variety of wounds with a new dressing that patients can easily remove.

An Alternative Bone Graft

For surgeons searching for an alternative to autografts for hindfoot and ankle fusion, a new bone graft may be a solution.

Stretching Out The Plantar Fascia Patients with plantar fasciitis may find relief from an innovative compression sleeve.

The DCS Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve stretches the plantar fascia over a sustained time period, according to the…

Applying Collagen To Wounds An innovative collagen matrix can keep wounds uninfected and speed healing.

Orthotic Support Even When Wet This summer, patients who need orthotics don’t need to stay out of the water.

A Durable Expedition For active patients who need support, a durable new orthotic may be the answer.

The Expedition orthotic has a carbon fiber module, a Poron XRD midlayer and silver-infused X-Static top cover, according to the…

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