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New Products

Arthrodesis System Cuts And Compresses

With an evolving compressor system, surgeons have even more control when performing tarsometatarsal joint arthrodesis.

A Cleansing Choice For Wounds

When debridement is not possible, a new negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) dressing may help promote effective healing.

PEEK Hammertoe Fixation

Surgeons now have a new implant system for patients with hammertoe.

A Secure Ankle Syndesmosis

Surgeons can provide stable fixation for ankle syndesmosis with a new device.

With the Gravity Synchfix Syndesmosis Fixation Device, foot and ankle surgeons can securely provide dynamic fixation for…

An Advanced Allograft

A recently introduced live-cell bone allograft may be a cost-effective alternative to autografts.

BioFuse provides a porous interconnected matrix for bone ingrowth, unlocking higher levels of osteoinductive…

A Stronger Intramedullary Nail

Surgeons who need correction of the tarsometatarsal joint have a new intramedullary nail as an innovative tool.

A More Comfortable Voyage

Several components in a new orthotic make for a more comfortable walking experience for patients.

The Voyager topcover consists of SmartTech, which provides thermal comfort, cools feet and controls odor,…

Preserving Hammertoe Correction

Surgeons seeking allograft solutions for hammertoe can now take advantage of a line of four implants.

Unique Plating Options For Foot And Ankle Surgery

An emerging plating system offers multiple options for a range of foot and ankle surgeries.

Providing Softer, Clearer Skin

Two new dermatologic products may relieve patients’ dry skin and help fight lower extremity fungus.

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