Why I Made The Decision To Specialize In Wound Care

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Welcome to my new blog. I am honored to share information, insights and ideas with my colleagues. It is my hope that by sharing my experiences with the readers of Podiatry Today, you will be encouraged and inspired in your efforts when treating patients affected with wounds of varying etiologies.

Dressing Facilitates Wound Healing Principles For A Variety Of Ulcers

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   When looking for a wound care product that offers antimicrobial properties, provides effective debridement and facilitates a moist wound care environment, podiatrists may want to consider the AmeriGel Wound Dressing. As if these benefits were not enough, one can use the dressing to treat a variety of wounds, including diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, post-surgical incisions and first- and second-degree burns.    R. Daniel Davis, DPM, says the topical medication is an affordable and effective option in his armamentarium.

Emphasizing The Need For Accelerated Wound Healing

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   The importance of resolving infections and facilitating quicker wound healing is commonly understood when it comes to managing lower extremity ulcerations in patients with diabetes. Indeed, a recent study in Diabetes Care emphasizes just how important those treatment goals are in the diabetic population.    According to the study, those who have a diabetic foot infection have over a 150 times greater risk of amputation and a 55.7 times increased risk of hospitalization than those without infection (see page 10, “News and Trends”).

Can Zinc Oxide Have An Impact On Wound Healing?

By Jonathan Moore, DPM | 117,241 reads | 1 comments | 09/03/2003

As the complexity and price of wound care materials seems to be reaching mind-numbing proportions, choosing the right product for your patients seems to be getting harder instead of easier. However, taking into account cost, effectiveness and availability, one would be hard pressed to find a product better than zinc oxide. Although it is most commonly associated with diaper rash ointments and Unna boot wraps, zinc oxide has remained relatively underused in podiatry offices and in wound care centers.

Key Insights On Selecting Wound Care Modalities

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   While there is quite an array of choices when it comes to choosing appropriate wound care modalities for lower-extremity wounds, there is not, as one panelist points out, a lot of published evidence for guidance. With this in mind, our expert panelists discuss a variety of wound care scenarios and how their clinical experience guides their decision-making on dressings and debriding agents.    Q: Given the multitude of wound care dressings available, how do you narrow down your choice of wound dressings?    A: Eric Espensen, DPM, and Lawrence G.

Expert Insights On New Advances In Wound Care

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As Aristidis Veves, MD and Thanh Dinh, DPM, point out, it is well-known that the chronic diabetic foot ulcer is stuck in the inflammation phase of the wound healing cycle. Research studies have shown that non-healing wounds may have specific biochemical imbalances, notes Liza Ovington, PhD. In particular, non-healing wounds have been shown to have excessively high levels of proteolytic enzymes such as matrix metalloproteases (MMPs). While these enzymes are necessary in various aspects of the healing process, such as cellular migration, debridement and phagocytosis, Dr.

Silver In Wound Care: What You Should Know

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There has been a resurgence of silver dressings in wound care in recent years due to the antimicrobial activity of silver, its safety and a lack of resistance. Accordingly, this author discusses silver dressing selection, shares insights on nanocrystalline silver and assesses the current literature on silver in wound care.

Taking A Closer Look At The Impact Of Wound Bioburden

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Bioburden can have an adverse effect on the environment of the chronic wound and may lead to infection and delayed healing. Accordingly, this author examines the literature on wound bioburden and offers insights on the use of antimicroibial wound dressings and larvae therapy to target biofilms.

Key Insights On Using Medications In Wound Care

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When it comes to patients with wounds, medications and supplements may help abate the pain and spur healing. These expert panelists discuss key considerations with the use of supplements and pharmaceuticals for wound pain and neuropathic wounds.

Pertinent Insights On Coding For Wound Care

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Providing salient examples and insights from their experience, the expert panelists discuss proper documentation, coding for E&M services and appropriate use of modifiers.

Q: What is the key to proper coding and documentation in wound care practices? A:

As Harry Goldsmith, DPM, emphasizes, proper documentation allows the wound care specialist and others treating the patient to evaluate the patient’s status continuously, and plan for and execute the appropriate treatments.