Can A New Plate Lead To Better Outcomes With First MPJ Fusion?

Podiatry Today Staff | 5,428 reads | 0 comments | 05/20/2010

Are you looking for improved compression for your first metatarsophalangeal (MPJ) fusions? Do your current fusion plate options cause irritation with shoegear in your more active patients?

   A new product may offer some solutions to those dilemmas. The Anchorage MTP Fusion Plate reportedly offers key features that provide reliable compression and reduce potential complications of first MPJ fusion procedures.

Can A Topical Remedy Have An Impact For Nail Fungus?

Podiatry Today Staff | 51,723 reads | 0 comments | 06/22/2010

Are you looking for a topical alternative to oral medications for nail fungus? Perhaps you are looking for a topical antifungal that could be used as an adjunct to oral medications or laser treatment for onychomycosis.

   Physicians may want to consider the Formula 3 antifungal as a viable topical remedy for toenail fungus. The product offers an oil-soluble tolnaftate formula, which is absorbed seconds after application, according to Tetra Corporation, the manufacturer of the product.

Exam Chair Offers Better Accessibility For Patients

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Ideally, a podiatric exam chair would provide comfort and accessibility for a variety of patients, and facilitate easy maneuverability, flexibility and maintenance for podiatrists.

   The Midmark 647 Barrier-Free Podiatry Procedures Chair (Midmark) reportedly succeeds on all of these counts.

   Midmark notes that the 647 chair features a larger foot section with a functional, flexible design and integrated touch controls on both sides to allow easy access for DPMs. The 647 chair also has ergonomic release handles that are easy to reach, according to Midmark.

Can Unique Prefabricated Orthoses Have An Impact For Pediatric Flexible Flatfoot?

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Are you looking for affordable orthotic alternatives that offer resilient materials, good arch contours and easy sizing to help correct pediatric flexible flatfoot?

Elevating The Standard For Orthotic Laboratories

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What do you look for in an orthotic laboratory? Perhaps you are looking for the knowledge and expertise that comes from a well-established laboratory. Perhaps you are looking for quality materials in a range of orthotics geared toward athletes as well as business professionals. Perhaps you are looking for quick turnaround on your custom orthotic prescriptions. Perhaps you are looking for a bevy of online resources and a level of personal service that is not so easy to find.

Walker Boot Offers Array Of Benefits For Patient Comfort

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Are you looking for a walker boot that offers reliable immobilization, a rocker bottom and a host of features that facilitate patient adherence and comfort?

   One may want to consider the Rebound Air Walker. Ossur, the manufacturer of the device, says one of the device’s key benefits is an integrated air pump and release valve that allow easy inflation and deflation for consistent compression.

Facilitating Increased Stability And Compression Across Fusion Sites

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For increased stability with fixation, a reduced risk of soft tissue impingement and improved efficiency in the OR, surgeons may want to consider the use of two new compression plates, the Anchorage™ Lapidus CP Plate and the Anchorage™ MTP CP Plate.

An Emerging Option For Metatarsal Head Resurfacing Of The First MPJ

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Perhaps you are tired of seeing loosening and pistoning with first metatarsophalangeal joint (MPJ) implants. Perhaps you are trying to alleviate the concerns of a patient who is apprehensive about a fusion procedure and wants to maintain some degree of motion in the first MPJ. Perhaps you are looking for an alternative implant that is technically straightforward.

Could A New Acellular Matrix Lead To Better Outcomes In Wound Healing And Tendon Coverage?

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For those looking for an alternative acellular dermal matrix, which can facilitate wound healing and be beneficial in procedures requiring tendon coverage, one may want to consider the DermaSpan™ Acellular Dermal Matrix.