This oblique X-ray demonstrates displaced fractures of the second, third and fourth metatarsals, and dislocation of the fifth digit.

A Guide To Minimally Invasive Fracture Management

By George Gumann, DPM | 12,979 reads | 0 comments | 08/03/2007

As the practice of medicine continues to evolve, new advances are being initiated in the management of lower extremity trauma. These techniques involve a philosophical change regarding surgical approaches as well as technical innovations.

A Guide To Pain Management In Wound Care

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These panelists discuss identifying the etiology of pain in patients with wounds and share their perspectives on various treatment modalities ranging from nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to the use of regional nerve blocks before surgery.

Balancing Our Hippocratic Oath With Risk Management Concerns In Problematic Patients

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There is no surgeon who would not readily agree there is nothing more important than a great patient outcome. Call it that “karmic euphoric goodie” of receiving thanks — sometimes unspoken but powerfully demonstrated — from patients by seeing them relieved of the condition for which they sought your expertise.

CE: A Guide to NSAIDs For Pain Management In the Lower Extremity

By Joseph M. Anain Jr., DPM, and Mike Daniels, DPM | 2,769 reads | 0 comments | 09/30/2008

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Given the prevalent use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for OA, RA, soft tissue injuries and perioperative pain management, these authors review the literature on the use of NSAIDs and offer a primer on the potential side effects.

When it comes to patients with plantar fasciitis, the author commonly refers patients to physical therapists or prescribes physical therapy to help train patients on proper stretching techniques. Then he monitors their compliance over a span of time. (Pho

A Closer Look At Practice Management Aspects Of Treating Heel Pain

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Heel pain is the single most common reason that patients seek out the care of podiatric physicians. Estimates state that more than 15 million Americans suffer with heel pain and emerging technologies for treatment have ballooned over the past seven years. However, many of these technologies are expensive and may not be covered by all insurance companies.

One should then evaluate the entire construction and use one suction tube to complete the seal among the three wounds.

Key Insights On Using VAC Therapy For Post-Op Wound Management

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Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC) is one of our greatest tools in managing large as well as deep wounds. It crosses multiple surgical disciplines and is applicable to virtually all anatomical sites. This technology has revolutionized limb salvage surgery and has prevented untold numbers of amputations. There is an exciting growth curve with the use of this technology. Surgeons can modify the technology to aid in the closure of a multitude of wound scenarios.

Pain Management: Is It Time To Start Looking At The Patient's Genes?

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Now that is a word that has some real catchiness to it, a virtual aphrodisiac for even the most adroit etymologist. I just like to say "genomics.” It conjures up the great line ("Plastics?") Dustin Hoffman repeated in The Graduate.

“Mrs. Robinson (another reference from The Graduate), we’re into ‘genomics’ now and we need to take a look at your genomes so I can provide you with the best perioperative care for your upcoming reconstructive foot surgery.”

“Really?” she replies. “Is there a test for that and will it hurt?”

A TENS Unit For Heel Pain? Questioning The Ethics Behind Some ‘Practice Management’ Lectures

Allen Jacobs DPM FACFAS | 27,933 reads | 5 comments | 06/01/2010

I have had the opportunity to listen to so-called "practice management" presentations at a number of state and APMA component society meetings. To be quite frank about it, the content presented is nothing less than offensive as it advocates profit motive over patient care. What is even more shocking in my opinion is the seeming growing relationship of the APMA with these programs.

Walker Boot Offers Array Of Benefits For Patient Comfort

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Are you looking for a walker boot that offers reliable immobilization, a rocker bottom and a host of features that facilitate patient adherence and comfort?

   One may want to consider the Rebound Air Walker. Ossur, the manufacturer of the device, says one of the device’s key benefits is an integrated air pump and release valve that allow easy inflation and deflation for consistent compression.

Can Unique Prefabricated Orthoses Have An Impact For Pediatric Flexible Flatfoot?

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Are you looking for affordable orthotic alternatives that offer resilient materials, good arch contours and easy sizing to help correct pediatric flexible flatfoot?