Dumb And Dumber: Questioning Risky Treatment In A Case Of Posterior Heel Pain

Allen Jacobs DPM FACFAS | 9,009 reads | 3 comments | 06/15/2011

In reviewing medical records, I often wonder why some doctors will place themselves into an arena that invites malpractice actions.

Let me present an example, a recent case that I reviewed for a plaintiff. Although I did not feel that there was malpractice in this case, I did find the treatment of the patient interesting.

A relatively healthy middle-aged female consulted a podiatrist for posterior heel pain. She had no prior treatment. Her medical history was significant for controlled hypertension and low thyroid function.

When Neurosensory Testing Can Help Pinpoint The Cause Of Heel Pain

By David Soomekh, DPM and Babak Baravarian, DPM | 15,250 reads | 0 comments | 09/03/2004

While there are many different causes of primary heel pain, it is often misdiagnosed as simple plantar fasciitis without the proper diagnostic tools. This is especially true for patients who have recurring symptoms and/or have failed multiple conservative and or surgical treatments. It takes a conscientious clinician to know when to begin thinking of a different diagnosis and a new course of treatment. This is especially true when it comes to heel pain.

When Patients Have Achilles Tendon Pain

Richard Blake DPM | 1,637 reads | 0 comments | 04/06/2017

If a patient feels the Achilles tendon begin to hurt, it may not necessarily lead to a rupture. This is usually not the case in my experience. In fact, most of my patients who tore their Achilles did not have any symptoms beforehand. They were unlucky and probably had a small defect in the tendon. It is rare for Achilles tears to occur on both sides.

This fear that patients have around the health of the Achilles, typically when it begins to get sore, is not justified. However, we do not know if we are beginning to feel just the tip of the iceberg with a bigger problem brewing. 

Can Preoperative Pain Assessment Scores Help Predict Post-Bunionectomy Pain?

Brian McCurdy, Managing Editor | 3,013 reads | 0 comments | 07/25/2016

Pertinent Treatment Insights On Heel Ulcers

Clinical Editor: Kazu Suzuki, DPM, CWS | 3,717 reads | 2 comments | 10/20/2016

In a discussion of treating heel ulcers, these expert panelists expound on factors that influence treatment, offer insights on offloading and appropriate debridement, and review possible surgical options.


What are the key patient characteristics to weigh when considering the best treatment option for heel ulcers?

A TENS Unit For Heel Pain? Questioning The Ethics Behind Some ‘Practice Management’ Lectures

Allen Jacobs DPM FACFAS | 27,932 reads | 5 comments | 06/01/2010

I have had the opportunity to listen to so-called "practice management" presentations at a number of state and APMA component society meetings. To be quite frank about it, the content presented is nothing less than offensive as it advocates profit motive over patient care. What is even more shocking in my opinion is the seeming growing relationship of the APMA with these programs.

Do You Inject The Plantar Fascia On The First Visit For Plantar Heel Pain?

Doug Richie Jr. DPM FACFAS | 17,257 reads | 8 comments | 03/29/2011

Over the past 12 months, I have treated three patients who presented with an acute rupture of the plantar fascia. Two of these patients were serious long-distance runners who experienced a crippling “pop” on the bottom of the foot during a run. The other patient tore his fascia pushing an automobile down the street. All three patients had experienced chronic heel pain for several months prior to their acute injury and none of them had ever received a corticosteroid injection.

Key Insights On Fat Grafting For Heel Fat Pad Atrophy

Beth Freeling Gusenoff, DPM, and Jeffrey Gusenoff, MD | 4,919 reads | 0 comments | 01/31/2017

Emphasizing the potential benefits of autologous fat pad grafting in restoring the heel and improving function, these authors detail the treatment of a 64-year-old patient who had bilateral heel pain for five years despite conservative treatment.

When An Orthotic’s Heel Cup Causes Irritation

Larry Huppin DPM | 796 reads | 0 comments | 12/16/2016

A colleague recently approached me about a patient who was having heel cup irritation from his orthoses (see left photo). He wanted to see if I had advice for fixing the problem.

Can Topical Capsaicin Be A Treatment Alternative For Neuropathic Pain?

Kristine Hoffman DPM | 843 reads | 0 comments | 08/16/2017

Neuropathic pain can result from several etiologies including nerve trauma, radiculopathy, postherpetic neuralgia and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Despite these different etiologies, neuropathic pain shares common mechanisms including nerve damage and resultant hyperexcitability of peripheral nerves.