The Emerging Role Of Alpha-Lipoic Acid For Diabetic Neuropathy

Kevin Ragothaman, BS, and David Shofler, DPM, MSHS | 25,455 reads | 0 comments | 06/22/2015

Can Medical Marijuana Offer Relief For Painful Diabetic Neuropathy?

Brian McCurdy, Managing Editor | 3,350 reads | 0 comments | 11/19/2015

A Post-Meeting Wrap-Up From The Third Annual Foot and Ankle Business Innovations (FABI) Event

Lowell Weil Jr. DPM MBA FACFAS | 968 reads | 0 comments | 02/04/2016

We just finished our Third Annual Foot and Ankle Business Innovations (FABI) Event in Chicago the weekend of January 29-31. It was a resounding success with over 150 attendees from all across the country and even one attendee from Dublin. There were doctors from 20 states who joined us. Thirty-five percent of attendees were at their second or third FABI event, bringing their partners, associates or employees for the weekend event.

Utilizing The ‘Steering Wheel Maneuver’ For Deformity Correction In The Foot

Noman A. Siddiqui, DPM, MHA, AACFAS | 3,454 reads | 0 comments | 07/30/2015

The author presents a hybrid technique combining gradual bony and soft tissue distraction with acute deformity correction in multiple planes in a 30-year-old patient.

Managing The Tricky Metatarsus Adductus Foot

William Fishco DPM FACFAS | 34,682 reads | 0 comments | 06/30/2014

Current Insights On Functional Foot Orthotics And Choosing A Lab

Guest Clinical Editor: Dianne Mitchell, DPM | 5,996 reads | 0 comments | 03/20/2015

Our expert panelists discuss the role of functional foot orthotics in their practices, their approach to patients referred to them for custom orthoses, keys to selecting orthotic labs and whether healthcare changes will have an effect on the perception of orthotic outcomes.


How do you currently position functional foot orthotic therapy in your office?

A Closer Look At Preserving Foot Function With A Transmetatarsal Amputation

Cherreen Tawancy, DPM, Tammer Elmarsafi, DPM, Caitlin Garwood, DPM, and John Steinberg, DPM, FACFAS | 5,565 reads | 0 comments | 11/20/2015

For patients with diabetes and neuropathy, partial first ray amputations can lead to less than optimal results. With this in mind, these authors discuss emerging insights from the literature and offer a compelling case study that illustrates the key considerations in choosing between partial amputations and more proximal procedures.

A Closer Look At HBOT For Foot And Ankle Indications

Clinical Editor: Kazu Suzuki, DPM, CWS | 4,852 reads | 0 comments | 12/30/2014

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can be a valuable adjunct treatment for foot and ankle wounds. Our panelists discuss the indications for HBOT, their personal experience with the treatment and keys to patient education on the modality.


What are your main indications for HBOT in the foot and ankle?

Can A Foot And Ankle Surgery Coordinator Improve OR Efficiency?

Dustin Walker, RN, and Christopher Hyer, DPM, FACFAS | 3,280 reads | 0 comments | 12/30/2014

Examining study data, this author highlights the role of a foot and ankle surgery coordinator and the positive impact the position has on efficiency measures in the operating room.

Why Equinus Is The Root Of All Foot Evils

Patrick DeHeer DPM FACFAS | 4,335 reads | 1 comments | 04/08/2015

Equnius has been associated with 96.5 percent of all biomechanically-related lower extremity pathologies.1 I have compiled a list of lower extremity pathologies (see below) that research has shown to have an equinus component along with the associated references.

Lower extremity orthopedic pathologies related to equinus:

Plantar heel pain/plantar fasciitis1-26

Achilles tendonitis/tendonosis1,27-33

Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction/adult flatfoot deformity2,8,25,26,32,34-42