New Products September 2013

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A Force To Be Reckoned With

A new type of fixation system uses shape memory to achieve superior results.

   The FuseForce is a shape memory, compression-ready fixation system that surgeons can use in fixation of fractures, fusions or osteotomies of the bones in the forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot, explains the manufacturer Solana Surgical.

   The device’s unique compressive properties and stepped-tooth design resist pullout while providing a constant compressive force, explains Solana Surgical.

   The company adds that it delivers the FuseForce Fixation System sterile with a disposable implant, inserter, reamer, reamer guide and locator pin. The system requires no heat or temperature activation, and is available in sizes ranging from 8 x 8 mm to 25 x 22 mm with leg diameters matched to overall size, according to the company.

Company: Solana Surgical
Product: FuseForce
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Advancing Antifungal Treatment

A new topical antifungal treatment offers a fresh option to combat nail fungus.

   ClotrimazOil Topical Antifungal utilizes the broad-spectrum power of clotrimazole in an exclusive essential oils carrier formula, explains the manufacturer PediFix.

   PediFix notes that unlike old-fashioned antifungals, ClotrimazOil kills six types of fungi, yeasts and molds while offering antimicrobial, antifungal and antiseptic properties.

   Podiatrists will see a clear difference when using ClotrimazOil as a primary or secondary modality, or when complementing its use with oral and laser treatments, adds the company.

Company: PediFix
Product: ClotrimazOil
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Another Option For Improved Compression In Joint Fusion

Podiatrists looking for an easier way to achieve exceptional compression and strength in joint fusion may want to consider a different type of compression nail.

   The Vilex Fuze combines the compression capability of a screw and the structural strength of intramedullary nail fixation in one device, notes Vilex. The dual thread screw and intramedullary nail provide advanced surgical compression by fusing tibiotalar and talocalcaneal joints, explains the company.

   The manufacturer notes that the main features of the design include three thread segments, six locking cross-screws and a precise targeting device that assists the surgeon in engaging the cross-screws without direct visualization. Vilex notes it designed the Fuze to be minimally invasive.

Company: Vilex
Product: Vilex Fuze
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Sizing Up Your Options In NPWT

A larger dressing option is available for use with an already well-established wound therapy system.

   The new VAC VeraFlo Large Dressing complements the VAC VeraFlo Dressing product line for easy application of VAC VeraFlo Instillation Therapy, notes the manufacturer KCI.

   The company explains that this larger-sized dressing will help physicians who are using VeraFlo Instillation Therapy to treat larger wounds and wounds requiring additional dressing customization.

   KCI notes that a recent study found that the adjunctive combination of VAC VeraFlo Therapy and Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution facilitated a two- to three-day reduction in hospital stay in comparison to traditional VAC Therapy.

Company: KCI
Product: VeraFlo Large Dressing
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