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New Products October 2020

A Unique Approach To Ankle Fusion AxSOS 3 Ankle Fusion System

Could a new modality reinvent ankle arthrodesis? 

The recently launched AxSOS 3 Ankle Fusion System is based on a proprietary design that incorporates over 25,000 computed tomography (CT) bone scans, according to the manufacturer Stryker Trauma and Extremities. The company says this design allows the plates to fit a wider range of patients with less need for customization. 

Using titanium for biocompatibility, the company says the implant provides enhanced stability and reduces bending. According to the company, the plates are available in left and right configurations, anterior or anterolateral and regular or cross plate (CP) options. 

The AxSOS 3 Ankle Fusion System features a patented screw/ plate interface to assist surgeons with more consistent screw insertion and allows for easier extraction when necessary, according to Stryker. The company adds that the screws have conical screw heads, rounded threads and one free thread path. Stryker notes the design team for the device combined existing Stryker technology and systems with additional instrumentation in an effort to create a user-friendly, stable and reliable construct for tibiotalar fusion. 

Company: Stryker 

Product: AxSOS 3 Ankle Fusion System 

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Can A New Plating System Enhance Charcot Reconstruction? 

The Axis Plate® Charcot Fixation System is the only Charcot-specific, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared platform with plantar (tension side) plating options, according to the manufacturer Extremity Medical. 

The company says this system enables surgeons to avoid using hardware at a medial incision site with stable, durable plantar fixation placement. The plates can span from the metatarsal to the talus or the surgeon may choose a more distal medial column approach. Extremity Medical says that plantar, plantar-medial and medial plates are all available in left and right foot designs. 

The plate features a unique “talar-wrap tab” design to address correction in multiple planes with three points of talar fixation. The company adds that the thickness of the plates varies on a gradient throughout the implant to maintain strength while being respectful of soft tissue anatomy in the area of concern. 

Surgeons may also use the Axis plates with the Axis Beam System to create additional stabilization when necessary. The company also says surgeons can combine the plates with Extremity Medical’s patented Compression Post to enhance compression and prevent the pull out of fixation, even when there is suboptimal bone quality. 

Company: Extremity Medical 

Product: Axis Plate® Charcot Fixation System 

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Customized Stability OSSIOfiber Trimmable Nail Fixation System

Are you looking for increased customization and stability with fixation? 

The OSSIOfiber® Trimmable Nail Fixation System allows surgeons to trim the device to the desired length for the patient’s anatomy and surgical needs, according to the manufacturer OSSIO. The nail features a rotation-resistant hexagonal shape, tapered ends for easy insertion and barbs for additional strength of fixation. 

With the biointegrative material of the fixation system, OSSIO says there is no permanent metallic hardware and that the nail is artifact-free for imaging studies. 

The company shares that the sterile, disposable instrumentation kits come with one or two implants in multiple size configurations. OSSIO adds that the kits contain the necessary K-wires, cannulated drill bit, a hooked-end sliding depth gauge, insertion sleeve and tamp. 

Company: OSSIO 

Product: OSSIOfiber® Trimmable Fixation Nail System 

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A Viable Alternative To Lag Screws For First MPJ Fusion? 

The combination of staple fixation with the compatible MTP DynaFORCE® Staple Compression Plate may prevent fusion gapping, improve bone apposition and reduce intraoperative time in comparison to the use of a lag screw for first MPJ fusion, according to CrossRoads Extremity Systems. 

Surgeons can choose constructs with 3.0 or 3.5 mm locking or non-locking MotoBand screws for either side of the plate, according to the company. Screw choice in these cases will allow a differing amount of gap closure at the fusion site. The company adds that the MTP DynaFORCE Staple Compression Plates are low-profile and come in short or long sizes. 

The plates offer a five-degree valgus angle with zero, five or ten degrees of dorsiflexion, according to CrossRoads Extremity Systems. The company says inserters are preloaded with the necessary implants and surgeons may request additional cup and cone reamers when desired.  

Company: CrossRoads Extremity Systems 

Product: MTP DynaFORCE® Staple Compression Plates 

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