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New Products October 2017

A Stronger Intramedullary Nail

Surgeons who need correction of the tarsometatarsal joint have a new intramedullary nail as an innovative tool.

The Phantom™ Lapidus Intramedullary Nail features a zero-prominence implant, which the manufacturer Paragon 28 says can eliminate the pain associated with hardware prominence in traditional plating systems. The company says the nail can withstand greater forces across the fusion site and limits migration during healing to facilitate potential earlier weightbearing.  

The Phantom™ Lapidus Intramedullary Nail has crossed screw fixation distally and the company says the proportionate amount of force that the nail exerts in all directions resists recurrent hallux valgus. Paragon 28 says the system has a calibrated driver so surgeons can determine when the nail has achieved ideal compression. In addition, the product comes in lengths of 38 to 60 mm and has threaded pegs for bicortical fixation and threading through the nail.

Company: Paragon 28
Product: Phantom™ Lapidus Intramedullary Nail
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A Tinea Pedis Solution

Physicians can prescribe relief from athlete’s foot via an antifungal solution.

Clarus Antifungal Solution uses 1% tolnaftate in an oil-soluble formulation for tinea pedis and tinea corporis, according to the manufacturer Bako Integrated Physician Solutions. The company notes its proprietary vehicle combines mentha piperita with essential oils to enhance the tolnaftate penetration. In addition, Bako says the antifungal is free of parabens, does not stain, is rich in antioxidants and is distributed directly to physicians.

Company: Bako Integrated Physician Solutions
Product: Clarus Antifungal Solution
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More Secure Ex Fix

For effective external fixation, one device offers ex fix in a range of ring sizes.

The S.E.A.L. Circular Frame is available in sizes including 120 mm, 140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm, 200 mm, 220 mm and 240 mm, accommodating all sizes of patients, according to the manufacturer DNE. The company notes surgeons can use the frame for foot and ankle fusion, flatfoot and Charcot reconstruction.  

DNE says the ex fix device’s new angular correction clamps permit surgeons to rotate, compress and angulate correction, saving time in the OR. The company adds that the S.E.A.L. rings have a rough coating, allowing wires, nuts and bolts to grip the rings for a more secure hold. 

Company: DNE
Product: S.E.A.L. Circular Frame
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Fifth Metatarsal Surgical Solutions

A new system of plates and screws can assist surgeons in fifth metatarsal fracture surgery.

The 5MS Fracture Repair System allows the customization of surgery for Jones fractures, intermetatarsal screw non-unions, curved fifth metatarsals and sclerotic non-unions, according to the manufacturer In2Bones. The company notes the system has anatomically contoured plantar, lateral neck and pseudo Jones hook plates, which can increase biomechanical strength, and resist rotational instability and plantar-lateral gapping. The 5MS system’s bunionette plates are specifically for fifth metatarsal diaphyseal osteotomies, notes the manufacturer.

In addition, In2Bones says the design of the 5MS Jones fracture screws combine a headless screw’s rotational stability with a conventional headed lag screw’s compression levels and ease of use. In2Bones says the device’s reduction forceps feature barbed and straight ends to maintain the alignment and compression of displaced fifth metatarsal fractures during provisional fixation.

Company: In2Bones
Product: 5MS Fracture System
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New System Provides Charcot Superconstruct

For Charcot fixation, beaming via a new superconstruct may offer benefits for surgeons.

The Axis Charcot Fixation System™ is an axial fixation platform that the manufacturer Extremity Medical says can provide biomechanical advantages via the superconstruct. The company says the system has large shank beams that can resist the higher bending force needs of Charcot patients.

Extremity Medical notes the product also has an X-Clip that interdigitates with the Axis’ beams to act as an intraosseous anchor. As the company notes, the technology increases the beams’ thread purchase in compromised bone, maintains compression to improve stability, dissipates shear forces to increase surface area and decreases the risk of hardware migration.

Company: Extremity Medical
Product: Axis Charcot Fixation System™
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Locking In Fusion

Surgeons may add a new 3D-printed locking plate system to their toolbox for fracture fusion.

The Locking Lattice Plating System can stabilize and fuse fractures, osteotomies and arthrodesis in small bones, according to the manufacturer Additive Orthopaedics. The company notes the surgeon can implant the plates alone with locking or non-locking screws.

Furthermore, Additive Orthopaedics notes one can use the Locking Lattice Plating System in conjunction with the company’s 3D printed bone segments via a connection screw. This allows the surgeon to mix and match any wedge and plate combination to treat numerous deformities, complex revisions or limb salvage procedures, according to the company.

Company: Additive Orthopaedics
Product: Locking Lattice Plating System
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New Products
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