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New Products

New Products October 2009

Nails With Polish And Protection

   In addition to cosmetic improvement, a new nail polish may provide protection for nails.

   Dr.’s Remedy® Enriched Nail Polish offers a line of nail polishes that may help reduce nail fungus with the natural ingredients in the polish, according to the manufacturer Dr.’s Remedy.

    The polish is enriched with tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract, vitamins C and E and wheat protein, which the company says work together to promote healthy and strong nails. The company says these ingredients are also naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial.

   For this fall season, Dr.’s Remedy says people will be able to choose from five new colors in the enriched nail polish. These colors include purple, pink-coral, fushsia, bronze and mauve.

   The company says the nail polish will appeal to patients with allergies to chemicals in commercial nail polishes, those with onychomycosis and pregnant women.

   Company: Dr.’s Remedy
   Product: Dr.’s Remedy® Enriched Nail Polish
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An Easier Solution To ‘Where To Buy’

   With a new online service, patients may be able to find the products they want to buy more easily.

   Consumers may now be able to find Hygenic Corporation’s Biofreeze® and Thera-Band® products more easily with a new online “Where-to-Buy” locator tool. The tool will allow consumers to locate practitioners who sell either the Biofreeze or Thera-Band products.

   Hygenic says the new locator tool will not only make products more accessible to consumers, but will also give practitioners the opportunity to gain new clients, potentially increasing practice revenue.

   Practitioners wishing to participate need only visit and use the invitation code PR01.

   Company: The Hygenic Corporation
   Product: “Where-to-Buy” Locator tool for Biofreeze® and Thera-Band®
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A Step In The Green Direction

   A new system may provide a cost-effective solution for disposal of medical waste.

   The Medical Waste Machine system may replace the current practice of medical waste hauling, which costs doctors thousands of dollars every year with rising prices, according to the manufacturer Medical Innovations.

   The company says the Medical Waste Machine system turns medical waste into ordinary waste so it does not need to be hauled off by a medical waste company.

   The machine decreases the medical waste trash volume by almost 75 percent on average and the company says the waste is sterile so it can be transported to ordinary trash locations.

   It also reportedly improves the environment by helping to cut down on the carbon footprint of the practice, according to the company.

   Company: Medical Innovations, Inc.
   Product: Medical Waste Machine System
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Socks That Moisturize

   Ultra dry feet may find relief with a sock that moisturizes.

   The manufacturer Jota Foot Works notes that prior to the introduction of Jota Sox, people would apply a moisturizing lotion to the feet and then apply regular socks. As the company notes, the sock simply absorbed the excess lotion, which is not providing the maximum moisturizing capabilities.

   The Jota Sox retains the moisture, helping to ensure fully moisturized feet, according to the company. Jota Foot Works says if the lotion is able to stay on the area, people will have quicker relief of their dry feet.

   Company: Jota Foot Works
   Product: Jota Sox
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New Products
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