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New Products November 2019

A New Approach For Minimally Invasive Bunion Procedures?PECA Bunion Correction System

For surgeons looking for another approach to performing minimally invasive bunionectomy procedures, an emerging modality be of strong interest.

The PECA® Bunion Correction System is uniquely designed for minimally-invasive surgical correction of hallux valgus, according to the manufacturer Novastep. This system is indicated for small bone osteosynthesis such as Chevron or Akin osteotomies, and offers implants in 3.0 and 4.0 mm sizes.

With the PECA Bunion Correction System, the company says surgeons may employ percutaneous instrumentation and specialized soft tissue sparing burrs with self-tapping, self-drilling, fully-threaded, constant pitch implants. Novastep says an Exact-T® keyed recess in the implant allows optimal torque and exact driver positioning. 

Along with the release of the PECA system, Novastep has also launched a patient website ( This site educates patients on minimally invasive bunion surgery and offers a surgeon locator function. 

Company: Novastep

Product: PECA® Bunion Correction System

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Reinventing The Treatment Of Jones Fractures?ORTHOLOC 2

While Jones fractures can be challenging, a new system could provide an emerging option for podiatric surgeons.

The ORTHOLOC 2 Jones Fracture System was recently released as a second-generation product for the fixation of Jones fractures. According to the manufacturer, Wright Medical, the chamfered and headless screw is the first and only of its kind to reduce lateral cuboid impingement, a known cause of painful hardware. 

Wright Medical says the dual headless compression construct allows for increased fracture reduction. Additionally, a new fifth metatarsal radiolucent targeting guide is available to assist surgeons in achieving more efficient and accurate implant placement down the center of the bone, according to Wright Medical. 

Company: Wright Medical

Product: ORTHOLOC 2 Jones Fracture System

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Enhanced Compression In A Smaller FormMedShape DynaNail Mini

A new modality may facilitate improved compression for subtalar joint fusion procedures.

The DynaNail Mini Fusion System is an intramedually nail system, which is designed for subtalar fusion and other large bone fusions, according to the manufacturer MedShape. 

With a transverse dual screw design (one transverse screw in talus and one in the calcaneus), MedShape says the DynaNail Fusion system does not migrate or loosen, unlike traditional screws. The system also enables surgeons to employ a carbon-fiber polyetheretherketone (PEEK) DynaNail Targeting Frame for accurate targeting and screw placement, according to MedShape. 

MedShape adds that the system has the NiTiNOL element pre-stretched and preloaded on a disposable nail guide. The company says the surgeon then connects the nail guide to the mini-targeting frame to proceed with implantation.  

Company: MedShape

Product: DynaNail Mini Fusion System

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Redesigning A Cannulated Screw For Modern NeedsMerete

Are you looking for an improved cannulated screw for osteotomy and arthrodesis procedures?

Merete Technologies recently reintroduced the Mecron® cannulated screw, which was originally developed by Merete founder Emmanuel Anapliotis in the 1970s. Alexia Anapliotis, the CEO of Merete Technologies and daughter of the original developer, updated the screw for today’s foot and ankle surgeons, according to the company.

Merete Technologies says the Mecron cannulated titanium alloy screw comes in headed and headless options, and in diameters from 2.0 through 4.0 mm. With lengths of eight through 50 mm, the self-drilling, self-tapping screw is designed with reverse cutting flutes for easy removal, according to the manufacturer. 

Company: Merete Technologies

Product: Mecron® Cannulated Screw

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New Products
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