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New Products November 2017

An Advanced Allograft

A recently introduced live-cell bone allograft may be a cost-effective alternative to autografts.

BioFuse provides a porous interconnected matrix for bone ingrowth, unlocking higher levels of osteoinductive biologic factors in comparison to traditional live-cell bone grafts, notes the manufacturer Extremity Medical.

The company says the graft is a cost-effective alternative to autograft as it supports the formation of bone for challenging conditions while sparing patients the additional pain and morbidity of an autograft harvest site.
BioFuse uses proprietary processing advances to significantly reduce the exposure to harmful stressors that damage cells, according to Extremity Medical. The company notes the graft’s production methods improve the health and viability of the graft, increasing both the quantity and quality of the osteoprogenitor cells available per cc.

Company: Extremity Medical
Product: BioFuse
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Nitinol Fixation

With a new staple system, surgeons can use nitinol to perform various techniques and fixate small bones in the lower extremity.

The Jaws™ Nitinol Staple System is indicated for osteotomy, arthrodesis and fragment fixation of bones, joints and small bone fragments, notes the manufacturer Paragon 28. The company says the staple system features superelastic nitinol and with a simple insertion technique, surgeons can achieve rigid compression without requiring heating or electrical activation. Furthermore, Paragon 28 says the staple system has a lightweight titanium inserter so one can fully seat the staple before the inserter releases it, permitting final placement of the staple before the staple compresses the osteotomy site.

The staple system also has a low profile 1.2-mm bridge to decrease soft tissue irritation while the company notes the staple’s sharp-tooth geometry increases resistance to pull out and resists migration during healing. The staple legs distribute compression evenly, which Paragon 28 says aids in eliminating plantar gapping and ensuring consistent force across the osteotomy site.

Company: Paragon 28
Product: Jaws™ Nitinol Staple System
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Guarding Cleats

A new cleat guard is reportedly the first of its kind for athletes wearing detachable cleats.

The ProtecTozz Cleat Guard is made of high density polycarbonate material and the manufacturer ProtecTozz notes it is effective for football and rugby players. The company says the cleat guards keep the toe-box safe, preventing the crush injuries that can lead to toe fractures, toe sprains, tendon injuries, soft tissue/subungual hematoma, ingrown nail and traumatic onychomycosis.

ProtecTozz has minimal exterior prominence and the company says it does not impede athletic performance when running, cutting or setting position. As ProtecTozz notes, this allows players to concentrate on on-field performance without fearing another player will step on the end of an unprotected cleat.

Company: ProtecTozz
Product: ProtecTozz Cleat Guard
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New Products
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