New Products November 2012

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New And Improved Gait Assessment Device

Given the importance of accurate gait analysis, an improved version of a tried and true device may provide podiatrists with even more precise gait analysis.

   The Metascan device is known for its ability to give podiatrists dynamic, postural and static scans of the foot, according to Footmaxx, the manufacturer of the device. The Metascan device captures bilateral pressure distribution with its static scans and its dynamic scans deliver 150 frames per second to help facilitate more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

   Now the Metascan now offers a Pressure Sensitivity Utility feature, which enables podiatrists to configure sensitivity for different gaits. Footmaxx, the manufacturer of the device, says the Metascan device is the only mat to offer this feature.

Company: Footmaxx
Product: Metascan
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A Quick And Easy Digital Imaging System

When transitioning to digital imaging, a new computed radiography system may provide podiatrists with the simplicity and convenience they are looking for.

   The ScanX12 SE provides clinicians with sharp digital images they can scan and view in about 30 seconds, explains the manufacturer Allpro Imaging.

   The company has incorporated a choice of PACSmart or TigerView Imaging Software, computer hardware, imaging plates and various accessories with the device. The product also includes a unique advantage over flat panel systems in that the self-contained imaging plates enable you to acquire an image wherever your patient is, notes Allpro Imaging.

   With minimal training needed, ScanX12 streamlines the process of switching to digital imaging, eliminating the need for film, chemistry, darkrooms or processor maintenance costs.

Company: Allpro Imaging
Product: Scan12X SE
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An In-Sync, In-Shoe Analysis System

New software may simplify the way physicians capture, record and synchronize information to assess gait and foot function.

   The Trigger Transmitter (TT-1) and Trigger Receiver (TR-1), the latest additions to the VersaTek Wireless and Datalogger systems, allow users to synchronize recordings with other measurement devices, such as electromyography (EMG) and motion analysis systems, explains the manufacturer Tekscan.

   The company notes that when one combines these triggering devices with the F-scan system and an EMG system, the triggering devices can connect the start and stop of data collection, evaluating the relationship between muscle activity and plantar pressure as patients run or jump.

   The added capabilities allow clinicians to capture different kinds of data for the same activity, giving them a more complete picture of foot function while streamlining the billing process, adds Tekscan.

Company: Tekscan
Product: Trigger Transmitter (TT-1) and Trigger Receiver (TR-1)
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Freedom From Crutches

A new brace may provide patients with an effective and improved alternative to crutches.

   The Freedom Leg offloading brace allows patients to walk normally with zero weight on the knee, lower leg, ankle or foot, reducing their rehabilitation time and increasing quality of life, according to the manufacturer FWD Mobility.

   FWD Mobility says unlike crutches, knee-walkers or wheelchairs, which cause atrophy of the upper leg and do not allow for free use of hands, Freedom Leg offers the patient hands-free stability to perform daily activities with ease.

   FWD Mobility notes an additional advantage of the brace is that it allows patients to maintain strength of the upper leg, which helps reduce rehabilitation time.

Company: FWD Mobility
Product: Freedom Leg Off-Loading Brace
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Brace Yourself For More Options

Two new ankle brace lines could provide patients with a more complete package in bracing options.

   PAL Health Technologies has expanded its ankle brace line to include the Transition Ankle and Element 78 product lines. Now podiatrists have 13 new non-custom braces and four new custom braces to choose from.

   The company says certain patients will benefit more from a non-custom brace, such as those in the Transition Ankle line. This product line includes braces that provide enhanced lateral ankle support, night splints for heel pain and post-op walking boots.

   PAL Health adds that Element 78, which is an extension of the custom Platinum Ankle brace line, is ideal for more severe cases of many conditions, including posterior tibial tendon dysfunction and an ulcerated Charcot foot.

Company: PAL Health Technologies
Product: The Transition Ankle and Element 78
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