New Products November 2010

Pages: 58 - 60

A New Tool For Gastroc Recession

A new surgical system may make it easier for podiatrists to perform gastrocnemius recession.

   Surgeons can use the Integra™ Endoscopic Gastroc Release (EGR) System for the treatment of equinus contracture, according to the manufacturer Integra LifeSciences.

   The company notes the disposable device has an articulating blade, which one can use to selectively cut soft tissues. The EGR system’s retractable blade technology allows surgeons to have more control of the blade position and limits uncertainty in determining which tissues to cut, according to Integra LifeSciences.

Product: Integra™ Endoscopic Gastroc Release (EGR) System
Company: Integra LifeSciences
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A Clearer Digital Picture

Podiatric physicians can get a clearer view of injury with a new digital X-ray, which offers improved image quality.

   The FDR (Fujifilm Digital Radiography) D-EVO™ (Digital Evolved) flat panel cassette recently received FDA 510(k) clearance, according to Fujifilm Medical Systems.

   Fujifilm adds that the product uses Irradiation Side Sampling (ISS), which improves detective quantum efficiency (DQE) and produces images with enhanced sharpness and reduced noise for increased diagnostic confidence.

   The company also notes that the FDR D-EVO has secure connectivity to transmit images to the workstation in as little as three seconds with cycle times of nine seconds.

   The portability of the FDR D-EVO (6 pounds, 14” x 17”) allows one to conduct lateral or other cassette-based exams as needed or for cross-table exams in existing digital radiography rooms. The company also notes the device has a seamless retrofit by which podiatrists can insert the digital radiography detector into an existing X-ray table or wall stand without any modifications.

Company: Fujifilm Medical Systems
Product: FDR D-EVO™
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A Sureness In Patient Steps

Patients undergoing lower extremity rehabilitation can now lead more active lives with a new cane.

   The Tru-Motion Sur-Step can provide steady contact on any surface, including stairs and slopes, according to the manufacturer Tru-Motion Dynamics. As the company notes, the cane features the advanced support of a quad-cane with the mobility of a single-point cane.

   Noting that four-pronged canes can be bulky, heavy and awkward, the company says Sur-Step facilitates correct balance posture so patients do not bend forward and reach out. In addition, the curved base of the cane provides for natural walking patterns due to its angled and weighted base, becoming a natural extension of the arm, according to the company.

   Tru-Motion notes that the cane has a base tread with industrial strength rubber and its arched base is made from lightweight, high-grade aluminum. The manufacturer adds that the Sur-Step cane can facilitate a natural range of motion and speed the recovery of patients.

Company: Tru-Motion Dynamics
Product: Tru-Motion Sur-Step
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Keeping Feet Free From Fungus

A new line of casual women’s shoes may help keep feet free of bacteria and warm as the weather gets colder.

   The Berries line of shoes features four-way stretch fabrics, spandex and memory foam, which naturally conform to feet, according to the manufacturer Aetrex. The company says the fabric is lined with the Aegis Microbe Shield, which reportedly offers effective antibacterial and antifungal protection.

   Berries also have a removable footbed, which includes a Mozaic insole that relieves specific pressure points, according to the company.

   As Aetrex notes, the fabrics provide enough coverage to keep feet warm in the winter but are breathable enough for summer weather. Shoes are available in nine colors as clogs, slip-ons and Mary Jane styles.

Company: Aetrex
Product: Berries
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