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New Products March 2020

Microvascular Assessment Tool Uses Optical Imaging To Illustrate Tissue Health 

ClarifiThe Clarifi® Imaging System from Modulim is the first non-invasive, non-contact microvascular assessment tool to use spatial frequency domain imaging (SFDI), according to the company. Spatial frequency domain imaging is a proprietary optical imaging technique that gives providers insight into tissue oxygen delivery and extraction. The goal is to help clinicians identify and develop targeted interventions for patients with compromised circulation. 

Modulim shares that the Clarifi Imaging System evaluates key microvascular biomarkers related to oxygenation and perfusion, including two unique perfusion biomarkers. This data is converted into color-coded maps that allow for quick identification of areas of concern. 

The data and reports from the Clarifi Imaging System allow the operator to see tissue data up to three mm deep, according to Modulim, and clinicians can use the system to enhance patient education. The company adds that early detection and intervention as a result of the system’s analysis could improve patient outcomes and reduce patient care costs.  

Company: Modulim

Product: Clarifi® Imaging System 

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Insole System Provides Sensory Data Monitoring For Ulcer Prevention 

OrpyxOrpyx® Medical Technologies recently launched the Orpyx SI Sensory Insole System for use in preventing diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) and neuropathy-related ulcers. 

The insoles have an embedded remote patient monitoring system that provides the patient with audiovisual alerts when conditions are present that could result in ulceration, according to Orpyx. The sensors monitor plantar pressure, temperature and patient movement, and provide real-time alerts for the patient. 

Additionally, the company shares that providers can monitor and manage the data from the insoles through a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant dashboard, enabling them to identify trends that could impact patient care. Orpyx says the dashboard is comprehensive as it allows note recording and logging of time spent, and enables clinicians to download reports.  

Company: Orpyx® Medical Technologies 

Product: Orpyx SI Sensory Insole System 

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New Products
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