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New Products March 2017

Unique Plating Options For Foot And Ankle Surgery

An emerging plating system offers multiple options for a range of foot and ankle surgeries.

The Baby Gorilla Mini Plating System includes 65 unique plating options for the foot and ankle, according to the manufacturer Paragon 28. The company says plating options include L-Plates (for applications including proximal and base metatarsal fractures), Straight Plates (for universal applications), T-Plates (for applications including Lisfranc and Lapidus procedures) and Y-Plates (for first tarsometatarsal procedures).

Paragon 28 says the Baby Gorilla Mini Plating System provides locking and non-locking 2.0 and 2.5 mm screws with locking screws designed to allow for up to 15 degrees of off-axis locking placement. The company adds that each screw hole accommodates a non-locking or locking screw in sizes ranging from 8 to 50 mm, noting that compression slots are available on some plates and are compatible with non-locking screws.

Company: Paragon 28
Product: Baby Gorilla Mini Plating System
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A Lock On Surgical Correction

An innovative external fixation device combines simplicity with stability and versatility.

TrueLok has a modular nature, which permits customizable frame constructs for a variety of orthopedic conditions with fewer components, according to the manufacturer Orthofix. The company notes the aluminum device provides full control of bone segments for precise movement of segments without compromising stability.

Orthofix says TrueLok has pre-assembled hinges, an angular distractor and functional components that the surgeon can easily connect, align and operate.

The company adds that the hinges and angular distractors maintain alignment even if the surgeon temporarily disconnects them during the surgery, and the surgeon can adjust the distractors with one simple motion.

Company: Orthofix
Product: TrueLok
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New Products
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