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New Products June 2019

A Solid Way To TTC Arthrodesis

TriWay® TibioTaloCalcaneal (TTC) Nail Arthrodesis SystemA new arthrodesis system features a unique posterior offset along with a solid nail construct.

The TriWay® TibioTaloCalcaneal (TTC) Nail Arthrodesis System can facilitate improved performance, stability and reliability during hindfoot and ankle fusion, notes the manufacturer In2Bones. As the company notes, the TriWay system provides enhanced resistance with a novel, independent 6.5 mm IBS headless cannulated compression bone screw. Surgeons can achieve variable compression through the included targeting guide, which the company says enables greater compression of the tibia and talus bones.

The TriWay system has an anatomic design and comes in various lengths, diameters and screw options, notes In2Bones. The company says the 5.0 mm, partially threaded Cotter screws perform more like bolts in comparison to traditional threaded nail screws that can disrupt engagement between the screw and the nail.

Company: In2Bones
Product: TriWay® TibioTaloCalcaneal (TTC) Nail Arthrodesis System
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A Splint For Bunions And Second Toes

B2Splint™Podiatrists may offer patients a new toe splint, which can help manage bunions, hammertoe and crossover toe deformities either after surgery or in lieu of it.

Developed by Jeff DeSantis, DPM, the B2Splint (short for bunion and second toe) can separate, align and support deformed toes, according to the manufacturer Pedifix. The company notes the splint is a popular new addition to its Visco-GEL® range of products.

The B2Splint is available in right or left, sizes small and large, and fits shoe sizes 5-9 and 9+, notes the company.

Company: Pedifix
Product: B2Splint
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Writing A Book On The Diabetic Foot

The Diabetic Foot Book: A Guide For Optimizing Foot HealthA new book on the diabetic foot includes the perspectives of podiatrists, a diabetes educator, a physical therapist and a pedorthist.

The Diabetic Foot Book: A Guide For Optimizing Foot Health, includes chapters on assessment of the diabetic foot, a guideline for care of the diabetic foot, nutrition and exercise, according to the publisher InStride Foot and Ankle Specialists, who produced the book with Kevin McDonald, DPM. Additional chapters focus on diabetic foot wellness, footwear, wound care, medications, alternative treatment and surgery.

The book’s authors are Jeff Lehrman, DPM, Nicole Caviness, PT, Cherie Hardy, CDE, Josh White, DPM, CPed, Jim Shipley, DPM, and Thomas Verla, DPM. The book is available on Amazon and the publisher notes all proceeds will go toward a podiatric scholarship.

Company: InStride Foot and Ankle Specialists
Product: The Diabetic Foot Book: A Guide For Optimizing Foot Health
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Unique Hammertoe Correction

Vector™ Hammertoe Correction SystemAn implant made of a new polymer may provide podiatric surgeons with a viable alternative for hammertoe repair.

The Vector Hammertoe Correction System, recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is the first foot and ankle implant to be made from the advanced, biocompatible polyether ether ketone (PEEK)-Optima HA Enhanced, according to the manufacturer Nvision Biomedical Technologies.
Nvision says the Vector system is also the first implant for proximal interphalangeal joint arthrodesis to use Structural Encoding® to enable the unique device identification the FDA requires.

Nvision says PEEK-Optima HA Enhanced utilizes hydroxyapatite, which is fully integrated within the matrix of Invibio’s PEEK-Optima Natural. In combination with an elasticity that closely matches the elasticity of actual bone, the company says PEEK-Optima HA Enhanced can potentially promote bone ongrowth and healing, and the radiolucent properties of PEEK result in artifact-free imaging so one can easily monitor the healing process.

Company: Nvision Biomedical Technologies
Product: Vector Hammertoe Correction System
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New Products
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