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New Products June 2017

A More Comfortable Voyage

Several components in a new orthotic make for a more comfortable walking experience for patients.

The Voyager topcover consists of SmartTech, which provides thermal comfort, cools feet and controls odor, according to the manufacturer Footmaxx. The company says the insole’s Poron XRD in the rearfoot protects the heel and absorbs impact.

In addition, Voyager’s Poron Vive is a dynamic open cell foam that promotes maximum propulsion and also reduces and redirects shock forces, according to the company. Footmaxx says the orthotic also features Carbon Edge, which is lighter and thinner than traditional weave carbon fiber modules.

Company: Footmaxx
Product: Voyager
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Wound Care In Foam Form

An established wound care dressing is now available in a foam format.

Hydrofera Blue Ready foam can prevent infection due to its antibacterial properties, according to the manufacturer Hollister, Inc. The company says the dressing offers broad-spectrum protection via methylene blue and gentian violet to absorb and retain wound exudate.

Hollister notes Hydrofera Blue Ready foam does not require hydration before application and does not require a secondary dressing. The company adds that patients can wear Hydrofera Blue Ready foam for up to seven days and can wear it with compression wraps and total contact casting.

Company: Hollister, Inc.
Product: Hydrofera Blue Ready foam
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New Amniotic Membrane For Wound Repair

An innovative allograft may prove to be a boon for wound care.

AxoBioMembrane™ is a dehydrated allograft amnion membrane patch that clinicians can use to repair wounds and replace skin, according to the manufacturer Axolotl Biologix. The company notes that the allograft, drawn from living donors after a screening process, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

In addition, AxoBioMembrane has extracellular matrix components for cellular attachment and proliferation, notes the manufacturer. The company says the product is easy to use and has an extended shelf life.

Company: Axolotl Biologix
Product: AxoBioMembrane™
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Increased Talotarsal Stability

For flatfoot correction, an innovative implant may anchor the sinus tarsi with more stability.

The Talex Talotarsal Stabilization System’s titanium implants are toroid-shaped with heads that can realign the rotational axis of talar motion and stem, according to the manufacturer Vilex. The company says surgeons can medially anchor the implant in the sinus tarsi and implants closely match the sinus tarsi anatomy.

Vilex says the Talex’s Grippex™ threads can “improve bite” and reduce the potential of rotational backout. Furthermore, the Talex has axial cut channels and cross holes to facilitate the ingrowth of soft tissue.

Company: Vilex
Product: Talex Talotarsal Stabilization System
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New Products
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