New Products June 2013

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Wound Therapy On The Move

Patients receiving negative pressure wound therapy for chronic and acute wounds can now do so with increased mobility, freedom and discretion.

   Medela’s new Invia® Motion Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) System is a personal wound therapy device that offers a small and lightweight design to help facilitate wound healing while allowing patients to be fully mobile and continue with normal daily activities, explains the manufacturer.

   Invia Motion is flexible in offering a choice of constant or intermittent therapy modes, multiple pressure settings and multiple drain options that one can use with either antimicrobial gauze or polyurethane foam dressings, according to Medela.

   The company notes that each device and its accessories provide up to 60 days of therapy, which typically covers a patient’s entire length of treatment.

Company: Medela
Product: Invia® Motion Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) System
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New Night Splint Offers Unparalleled Function And Comfort

A new adjustable night splint offers podiatrists more functional options for treating plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, drop foot and post-static pain.

   The Hybrid Night Splint’s articulating hinged design allows for a full range of adjustable settings while providing superior comfort and unparalleled function, explains the company Ovation Medical.

   According to Ovation Medical, the splint is well padded to offer superior comfort while providing support and stability with a fully adjustable tension strap. With two sizes, S-M and L-XL, as well as adjustable straps, there is a Hybrid Night Splint for a variety of shoe sizes, notes Ovation. In addition to support within the splint, the company highlights the splint’s non-skid sole, which improves safety and ambulation.

Company: Ovation Medical
Product: Hybrid Night Splint
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A Better Boot

A new offloading boot, the Heelift Glide, is lighter, softer and more in tune with patient needs, notes the manufacturer DM Systems.

   The Heelift Glide is the most recent addition to its family of heel offloading boots that effectively redistribute pressure to promote healing and prevent the development of heel pressure sores, explains the company.

   Incorporating feedback from clinicians and patients, DM Systems designed Heelift Glide with a softer material to cradle the calf and redistribute pressure over a wider area while providing an interior grip. The boot is 40 percent lighter, cooler and less bulky than a pillow-style boot, adds the company.

   DM Systems explains that the smoother exterior of Heelift Glide allows patients to move without catching the boot on sheets or blankets. The device’s forefront trap helps keep the boot properly positioned on the patient’s leg, according to the company.

Company: DM Systems
Product: Heelift Glide
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Walking In Comfort And Style

Women looking for a more practical, comfortable shoe that doesn’t fall short in style may want to check out Dr. Comfort’s new Classic Heels Comfort Collection.

   According to the manufacturer, this is the company’s first women’s diabetic shoe with a higher heel (1.25 inches). This patent pending forefoot design provides forefoot pressure relief and the BOA® closure system provides a secure fit that allows the wearer to adjust for comfort, explains Dr. Comfort.

   Dr. Comfort notes the Classic Heels Comfort Collection currently comes in four elegant styles: Carmen, Cathy, Cindee and Coco each in a variety of colors, widths and sizes.

Company: Dr. Comfort
Product: Classic Heels Comfort Collection
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