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New Products February 2017

Providing Softer, Clearer Skin

Two new dermatologic products may relieve patients’ dry skin and help fight lower extremity fungus.

The RU-25™ Dermal Foam is a urea-based product that softens and moisturizes dry skin, exfoliating and repairing the natural skin barrier, according to the manufacturer IntraDerm Pharmaceuticals. The company says the foam can moisturize and help treat skin that is callused, thick and cracked.  

IntraDerm’s CLO-1™ Antifungal Foam contains 1% clotrimazole, which the company says acts as a broad spectrum antifungal. The foam provides antifungal relief of redness, irritation, scaling, cracking, itching and burning skin through its foam delivery technology, according to the company.

Company: IntraDerm Pharmaceuticals
Products: RU-25™ Dermal Foam and CLO-1™ Antifungal Foam
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Maximum Scanning

A three-dimensional scanner has been re-engineered for maximum efficacy.

The 3Dmaxx scanner comes with three casting options: non-weighbearing, semi-weightbearing or weightbearing, according to the manufacturer Footmaxx. The company says the scanner’s web-based software is accessible from any location and comes with or without a stand.

In addition, Footmaxx says the scanner captures up to 800,000 data points, can scan as quickly as eight seconds and has a scan resolution of 250 μm. The company notes that the 3Dmaxx offers a 14-inch by 6-inch field of view in various positions.

Company: Footmaxx
Product: 3Dmaxx
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New Products
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