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New Products December 2018

Lapiplasty Compressor (Treace Medical Concepts)Arthrodesis System Cuts And Compresses

With an evolving compressor system, surgeons have even more control when performing tarsometatarsal joint arthrodesis.

The Lapiplasty® Compressor can facilitate three-plane hallux valgus correction at the center of rotation angulation, notes manufacturer Treace Medical Concepts. Surgeons would apply the Compressor after making precision corrective cuts with the Lapiplasty® Cut Guide, which the company says permits both distraction and controlled compression of the tarsometatarsal joint surfaces.  

As Treace Medical says, the Lapiplasty Compressor limits variability in performing the three-plane tarsometatarsal joint arthrodesis. The company says the system can plantarflex the metatarsal and control frontal-plane rotation as it compresses the precision-cut joint surfaces together “like puzzle pieces” without sacrificing any of the arthrodesis surface area available for fusion.

Company: Treace Medical Concepts
Product: Lapiplasty® Compressor
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Gorilla Breakaway Screw System (Paragon 28)Easier Screw Removal

A new screw design can help surgeons overcome the challenges of using traditional screws in syndesmotic fixation.

The Gorilla® Breakaway Screw System consists of a rigid construct that permits syndesmosis healing as the low-profile head limits soft tissue irritation, notes manufacturer Paragon 28. If screw fracture occurs, the company notes the Gorilla screw will break cleanly in the clear space at the notch point. Paragon 28 adds surgeons can remove any screw fragments medially or laterally, if necessary.

The Gorilla Breakaway Screw System has notch lengths of 14 and 17 mm to address differences in patient anatomy and accommodate the use of screws with or without a plate. Paragon 28 says the notch is designed for placement in the clear space when surgeons use the screw for syndesmosis repair.

Company: Paragon 28
Product: Gorilla® Breakaway Screw System
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Patient Specific 3D Printed Bone Segments (Additive Orthopaedics)A Patient-Specific 3D Solution

Three-dimensional printing technology can allow surgeons to sidestep problems with implant revision and limb salvage.

Patient Specific 3D Printed Bone Segments have the highly porous titanium LatTi-Structure™ material for bony in-growth, notes manufacturer Additive Orthopaedics. The company says the bone segments also feature AddBone™ sub-micron surface topography, which stimulates bony on-growth.  

Additive Orthopaedics notes that integrating 3D printing technology into the patient specific manufacturing process often leads to shorter lead times and lower costs than with typical custom implants.

Company: Additive Orthopaedics
Product: Patient Specific 3D Printed Bone Segments
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New Products
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