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New Products August 2018

A Cleansing Choice For Wounds

When debridement is not possible, a new negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) dressing may help promote effective healing.

The V.A.C. VeraFlo Cleanse Choice Large Dressing can work for wounds with thick, fibrous exudate and infectious material including slough in patients in whom debridement is not feasible, according to the manufacturer KCI, an Acelity company. The company notes the three-layer foam dressing has numerous holes to cleanse wounds selectively, also offering the ability to treat wounds of various depths.

KCI notes the V.A.C. VeraFlo Cleanse Choice Large Dressing has been designed specifically for NPWT instillation. As the manufacturer notes, the Cleanse Choice dressing is less hydrophobic than current V.A.C. dressings, allowing better fluid distribution and removal from the wound bed.

The company adds that a study of 21 patients with large complex wounds using the Cleanse Choice Dressing found the dressing removed fibrinous material and slough from the wound bed in three days with more than 95 percent of wounds showing rapid granulation tissue formation.

Company: KCI/Acelity
Product: V.A.C. VeraFlo Cleanse Choice Large Dressing
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Guiding The Lapidus

A new guide system allows surgeons to have better control of correction when performing a Lapidus bunionectomy.

The Lapidus Cut Guide System has eight options for surgeons to correct the intermetatarsal angle during first tarsometatarsal joint arthrodesis, notes the manufacturer Paragon 28. The company says the system obviates the risk of over-shortening the first ray due to over-resecting bone or an inherently short first ray.

The Lapidus Cut Guide System guides cuts through the entire joint, which the company says facilitates cartilage removal that is accurate and congruent. Paragon 28 says the system offers built-in dorsal to plantar taper on cuts, which can decrease the risk of intraoperative first ray dorsiflexion and prevent transfer metatarsalgia.

Company: Paragon 28
Product: Lapidus Cut Guide System
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A Dynamic Force In The First MPJ

A new first metatarsophalangeal joint (MPJ) implant provides stability plus compression.

The DynaForce Active Stabilization MPJ Implant System combines an anatomic plate with a nitinol clip for common forefoot procedures, notes the manufacturer CrossRoads Extremity Systems. The implant recently received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration.

The company notes DynaForce offers bending and rotational stability, continuous compression and active gap recovery, and active stabilization. CrossRoads Extremity Systems maintains that the implant system offers higher torsional stability than competing systems.

Additionally, the company says surgeons can reposition the low-profile plate intraoperatively if necessary.

Company: CrossRoads Extremity Systems
Product: DynaForce Active Stabilization MPJ Implant System
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New Products
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