New Products August 2009

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Antifungal Application Made Easy

   A new bottle design may make dispensing antifungal cream easier and more cost-effective.

   Merz Pharmaceuticals says the Naftin® Cream Pump offers easy dispensing of Naftin (naftifine HCI 1%) Cream and minimizes wasted cream, making the pump a more economical option. Naftin is indicated for the treatment of tinea pedis.

   The Naftin Cream Pump has more control than the Naftin tube and can dispense from any angle, according to the manufacturer. Additionally, the company says the bottle is clear so patients know when to reorder based on the level of cream left.

   The new pump comes in two sizes, 30 g and 90 g. The company says the tubes will also remain available in the 30 g, 60 g and 90 g sizes.

Company: Merz Pharmaceuticals
Product: Naftin® Cream Pump
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Stylish Sandal

   New sandals may offer corrective support in a fashionable design.

   The Footmaxx Sandals offer patients flexibility and comfort for the warm weather months, according to the manufacturer Footmaxx.

   The company says the shoes offer a corrective, custom foot bed and all the support of the typical Footmaxx orthotic. The manufacturer notes the custom-made sandals offer strong motion control without added bulk.

Company: Footmaxx
Product: Footmaxx Sandals
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Customized Support

   Are you looking for a new ankle foot orthotic (AFO) option?

   The LevyAFO 9.0 is a new custom-molded gauntlet designed to treat posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD), Charcot foot, chronic ankle pain and alignment deformities, according to the manufacturer Levy and Rappel.

   The company says the leather gauntlet comes in seven different colors with a choice of closure at any height. The LevyAFO 9.0 offers four levels of support for the patient and a one-inch padded collar to provide maximum comfort.

Company: Levy and Rappel
Product: LevyAFO 9.0
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Innovative Insole

   A new insole may offer more support and decrease pressure on the heel.

   The SoftShell™ breathable foot bed is a new insole that offers a combination of full-length ventilated EVA and a supportive, biomechanically designed shell, according to the manufacturer Poly Gel.

   The company says the lightweight device provides moderate control and dynamic molding to the body that facilitates enhanced function. The device also includes a shock-absorbing heel plug that decreases pressure on the patient’s heel, according to Poly Gel.

   The manufacturer says the insole fits in all types of footwear.

Company: Poly Gel®
Product: SoftShell™ Breathable Foot Bed
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A New Option For Plantar Fasciitis Pain

   A new splint may help prevent pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

   The 3pp™ PF Lift™ is a new splint that allows the user to adjust the lift of the arch with the use of non-slip, foam-lined straps, according to the manufacturer 3-Point Products.

   The company notes that patients can wear the splint with any style of shoe due to the use of lightweight material. 3-Point Products says the affordable splint is comfortable enough for all-day use and helps prevent pain. The splint is available in two sizes, according to the company.

Company: 3-Point Products®
Product: 3pp™ PF Lift™
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Another Option For Foot Pain Relief

   Chances are you have a fair number of active patients dealing with pain from plantar fasciitis or excessive activity.

   The Thera-Band Foot Roller may be a viable option to help treat foot pain. The roller is comprised of natural rubber with a ridged design and hollow core, according to Hygenic Corporation, the device’s manufacturer. Instead of using a frozen water bottle, the company says one can freeze or chill the foot roller to help reduce inflammation.

   The manufacturer says the foot roller is easy to use and may even increase flexibility in the foot.

Company: The Hygenic Corporation
Product: Thera-Band Foot Roller
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Night Splint Offers Key Benefits

   Can an adjustable night splint have an impact?

   The new SoleTech® Night Splint offers a prolonged stretch for the feet that occurs while patients rest or sleep. The gentle stretching may help reduce muscle contracture, inflammation and pain, according to the manufacturer SoleTech.

   The company says the splint offers a lightweight, sturdy plastic shell and a breathable, padded, moisture-wicking liner. SoleTech notes the splint also offers bilateral dorsiflexion assist straps that enable DPMs to gradually increase or decrease the foot angle in order to achieved the desired dorsiflexion.

   The manufacturer says the splint is available in three sizes and physicians may use it to help treat plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and other injuries.

Company: SoleTech®
Product: SoleTech® Night Splint
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Facilitating A Visual Check Of The Feet

   A new scale offers more to patients with diabetes besides checking their weight.

   The Insight Foot Care Scale makes it easy for patients with diabetes to check the bottoms of their feet everyday, according to the product’s manufacturer Insight.

   The company says the scale offers magnified mirrors and a light below the glass that people step on. The light comes on as soon as someone steps off the scale in order to remind the user to check his or her feet, according to Insight. The company maintains that people will not need to strain to see the bottoms of their feet with the magnified mirrors and large display.

   Insight adds that the scale has side handles and is easy to move.

Company: Insight
Product: Insight Foot Care Scale
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