New Products April 2010

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Customized Locking Plates For Surgeons

   New locking plates may help surgeons match internal fixation to the patient’s bone type.

   The new VLP™ Foot Variable-Angle Locked Plating System has several plate designs as well as a range of screw types to provide a more individualized approach for patients with all bone types, according to the manufacturer Smith & Nephew.

   The company notes that the plating system offers flexibility with locking screws that allow placement 15 degrees off the center axis in any direction.

   Smith & Nephew says the screw thread designs can work with “every type of bone,” including softer bone in older patients and bone affected by neuropathic disease.

   The low-profile plates reportedly allow patients to participate in an active lifestyle following foot surgery, according to the company.

   Company: Smith & Nephew
   Product: VLP™ Foot Variable-Angle Locked Plating System
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Online Educational Tool For Physicians

   A new online resource can offer podiatric physicians helpful information on clinical design and workflow in podiatric practices.

   The new Website for Midmark Clinical Solutions is Midmark notes the site provides an interactive tool that offers suggestions on how to integrate new technologies into the practice. The company says the Website promotes improved efficiency by helping podiatrists rethink their office layout and workflow.

   The Website also allows for physicians to create more personalized results based on a short questionnaire, according to Midmark.

   Midmark says the Website will be a useful tool for physicians looking to promote a more efficient office and workspace, as well as a better patient experience.

   Company: Midmark Corporation
   Product: Midmark Clinical Solutions,
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A Surgical Solution?

   For surgeries in small areas of the body, a new clip may be helpful.

   The new GEM™ SuperFine™ MicroClip™ can halt bleeding during surgical procedures, according to the manufacturer Synovis Micro Companies Alliance. The company says the product can facilitate a variety of specialty surgeries, including plastic, reconstructive and orthopedic surgeries.

   Synovis Micro Companies Alliance says the SuperFine MicroClip is made of annealed titanium, which helps to prevent the end from opening after application. The clip also offers diamond-shaped grooving that facilitates vessel closure and prevents multi-directional slippage.

   Company: Synovis Micro Companies Alliance
   Product: GEM™ SuperFine™ MicroClip™
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Half-Sole Coverage With Full Support

   A new shoe insert may provide support for patients with plantar fasciitis and other conditions.

   The new Sher™ Comfort Series of Half-Sole Inserts has a deep heel cup that provides improved foot stability and high sides that cradle the foot and improve arch support, according to the manufacturer Sroufe Healthcare.

   The company says the new shorter length helps to relieve forefoot pressure and fits better into many different shoe styles.

   Sroufe Healthcare says the Half-Sole Insert series comes in five models, all with different EVA firmness and durometers ranging from 35 to 80. Some styles may have a Poron® heel pad for better shock absorption, some are trimmable and some have extremely firm EVA bases that one can make into a custom fit, according to the company.

   Sroufe adds that all styles help to minimize blisters and calluses with the use of a laminated breathable fabric top.

   Company: Sroufe Healthcare
   Product: Sher™ Comfort Series of Half-Sole Inserts
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