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New Products

New Products

NPWT Dressing Selection Made Easy

   When using negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) to facilitate wound healing, podiatrists may opt to use a new foam dressing kit.

   The new foam dressing kit, which is designed for use with Smith and Nephew’s NPWT devices, enables DPMs to have gauze and foam choices from one manufacturer, according to Smith and Nephew.

   Smith and Nephew adds that the dressing kit, a single use product, is available in four sizes. The company says the foam dressing kit is both clinically effective and easy to use.

   Company: Smith and Nephew
   Product: Foam dressing kit for NPWT
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Maximum Comfort For Winter Activities

   A new orthotic may allow for more comfort while patients are skiing.

   The Premium Ski/Skate Orthotics, manufactured by Footmaxx™, may provide additional support and comfort for patients participating in outdoor activities. The custom-made arch support is specially designed for the narrow and binding cuts of winter athletic footwear, according to the company.

   The company says the brushed synthetic suede top of the orthotic adds more grip while decreasing friction.

   Company: Footmaxx
   Product: Premium Ski/Skate Orthotics
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New Technology For Ulcer Healing

   A new dressing offers unique technology that reportedly promotes a natural moisture balance to help heal recalcitrant wounds.

   Tegaderm™ Matrix Dressing with PHI™ Technology is indicated for diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers (stages II-IV) and venous stasis ulcers as well as other difficult wounds, according to the manufacturer 3M.

   The company says the PHI™ technology uses natural cations such as potassium, zinc, calcium and rubidium in order to encourage healing in stalled wounds. 3M maintains the resulting moist wound environment is not harmful to the skin and will not affect tissue integrity or cause maceration.

   Company: 3M
   Product: Tegaderm™ Matrix Dressing
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Foot Care Treatment Trio

   A new three-piece set may provide more benefits for your patients’ foot care needs.

   The Pedi-Relax® set includes the Intense Hydrating Cream, Exfoliating Cream and the Protective Barrier Cream. The manufacturer, Santé Active, Inc., says the creams were all created to provide people with the most moisturizing and effective ingredients for feet.

   Santé Active says the Protective Barrier Cream was specially designed to keep feet soft while preventing blisters. The company notes the Exfoliating Cream breaks down calluses and exfoliates the dead skin on feet. The Intense Hydrating Cream was designed to moisturize dry and cracked feet, according to the company.

   The company says the three-piece set will be effective in healing damaged and dry feet.

   Company: Santé Active, Inc.
   Product: Pedi-Relax three-piece set
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Correcting A Painful Problem

   A new product may help correct mal-positioning of mild to moderate bunions.

   Alpha Orthotics recently released Bunion Aid™, a splint which offers pain relief and correction of “mild to moderate malpositioning of the big toe.”

   The company notes that Bunion Aid is made of a medical-grade plastic splint and Velcro-fastening metatarsal and toe straps. Alpha Orthotics says the product facilitates three-point correction of a bunion deformity “throughout the gait cycle” and promotes optimal stabilization of the metatarsal arch.

   The company cites European clinical studies concluding that Bunion Aid helped patients reduce post-op rehabilitation time.

   Company: Alpha Orthotics
   Product: Bunion Aid™
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New Products
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