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November 2015

Volume 28 Issue 11
Vincenzo Palmieri, DPM, and Narendra R. Patel, DPM

Emphasizing diagnostic pearls, these authors describe the treatment of a rare lower extremity schwannoma tumor in a 68-year-old patient with tarsal tunnel syndrome. A schwannoma, also commonly called neurilemoma, is the most common tumor arising…
H.J. Visser, DPM, FACFAS, Khawar Malik, DPM, Jesse Wolfe, BS, and Joshua Wolfe, BS
These authors present an alternative approach to a revisional subtalar joint arthrodesis in a 50-year-old patient with several comorbidities and previous surgical complications.
Christopher R. Hood, Jr. DPM, AACFAS
It is hard to believe nearly three months have passed since beginning my fellowship. I personally feel the biggest hurdle has been trying to gain the trust and respect of my mentor. This has forced me to work hard, long hours, study, prepare for…
Amanda Harvey, Contributing Editor
Surgeons can use a new product portfolio that allows them to combine three complementary product platforms together or as individual platforms to provide advanced limb salvage solutions.
Stretching Out The Plantar Fascia Patients with plantar fasciitis may find relief from an innovative compression sleeve. The DCS Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve stretches the plantar fascia over a sustained time period, according to the manufacturer Darco…
Tanler Volkmann, DPM, and Bob Baravarian, DPM, FACFAS
Authors have described chronic Achilles tendinopathy as the most common overuse injury in sports medicine.1 Nagging tendo-Achilles pain presents routinely in our offices as a common foot and ankle disorder.
Tim Dutra, DPM
Overuse by serious runners can result in various forms of heel pain, including plantar fasciitis, calcaneal apophysitis and Achilles tendonitis. This author discusses the classification and diagnosis of heel pain due to overuse injuries, and offers…
Patrick DeHeer, DPM, FACFAS, Mark Wavrunek, DPM, and Matt Hamilton, DPM
Given the common nature of Achilles tendinopathy, these authors offer practical insights on conservative treatments for Achilles tendinopathy, including eccentric exercises, extracorporeal shockwave and injectable modalities.
Nicholas Romansky, DPM, FACFAS
Given the popularity of football at levels ranging from pee wee leagues to the NFL, many athletic patients will present to podiatry practices with heel pain.
Jeffrey A. Ross, DPM, MD, FACFAS
The high impacts on the Achilles tendon during sports can leave athletes at risk for insertional calcific Achilles tendinosis. Accordingly, this author offers examination pearls, reviews conservative and surgical treatment options, and discusses…
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