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  • August 2012 | Volume 25 - Issue 8
    Robert D. Phillips, DPM
    17,998 reads | 0 comments | 07/24/12
    Emphasizing the importance of proper biomechanical assessment as a foundation for successful surgical outcomes, this author discusses key measurements such as the resting calcaneal stance position and offers pertinent evaluation pearls that can make an impact in flatfoot and hallux valgus surgery. ... continue reading
    Jonathan Moore, DPM, MS
    24,961 reads | 2 comments | 07/24/12
    Given the escalating number of people who will become senior citizens in the years ahead, this author examines the potential of ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) to treat common conditions in this patient population. He also offers several AFO prescribing pearls and key insights on helpful modifications. ... continue reading
    Erigena Baze, DPM, Danielle N. Butto and Lawrence DiDomenico, DPM
    25,186 reads | 0 comments | 07/24/12
    Given the common nature of ankle sprains and the fact that 85 percent involve lateral ankle ligament injury, these authors assess the research on techniques for lateral ankle stabilization and the use of interference screw fixation. They also offer pertinent step-by-step pearls on a technique that utilizes a split peroneus brevis tendon with interference screw fixation to help address chronic ankle instability. ... continue reading
    Brian McCurdy, Senior Editor
    44,886 reads | 0 comments | 07/24/12
    Emerging advances in podiatry include a new system to facilitate plantar plate repair, new diagnostic tools, a topical wound care gel and the development of amniotic membrane for use in podiatric surgery. Accordingly, this author talks to various experts to get their insights on these new innovations. ... continue reading