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May 2011

Volume 24 Issue 5
Stephen L. Barrett, DPM, FACFAS, and Vincent P. Rascon, DPM, FACFAS
These authors present pertinent pearls on using minimally invasive techniques for a patient with a bilateral, congenitally contracted fifth digit.
John Mozena, DPM, FACFAS, and David Arndt, DPM
When performing bunion surgery, one must keep in mind various biomechanical considerations. These authors discuss factors such as the intermetatarsal angle and metatarsal declination as well as the importance of pronation and first ray…
John H. McCord, DPM
A couple of months ago, I learned about that orthopod from South Carolina and his video blog that slammed our profession. I watched the thing and it reminded me of the horse poop we had to put up with 30 years ago. My wife leaned into my den to see…
Bob Baravarian, DPM
The Achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the human body. As a result of its location and importance in ambulation, the tendon is associated with overuse type injuries. In a small number of Achilles tendon injuries, the acute…
Russell G. Volpe, DPM
Referrals are crucial for any podiatric practice and particularly valuable when it comes to pediatric patients. This author discusses methods of spreading the word about the expertise you can offer via visits with physicians at hospitals, sending…
Stephen L. Barrett, DPM, MBA, FACFAS
Equinus often lies at the root of a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions although the prevalence of the deformity is not universally recognized. This author details the incidence of equinus and shares his perspectives on its impact, pertinent…
Ed Glaser, DPM, and Robert D. Phillips, DPM
Does maximum arch supination stabilization (MASS) theory change the way we think about custom orthoses? Ed Glaser, DPM, says the design of truly effective custom orthoses must consider orthotic height in relation to maximum corrective posture and…
By Farah Siddiqui, DPM, and John Steinberg, DPM, FACFAS
Given the prevalence and problematic nature of decubitus ulcers in at-risk patients, these authors review proper staging, keys to debridement and other principles for facilitating successful wound closure.
Clinical Editor: Kazu Suzuki, DPM, CWS
When treating patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD), it is vital to ensure proper referrals to trusted vascular specialists. These expert panelists discuss what information to include in referrals and how to manage wounds until patients…
By Bradly W. Bussewitz, DPM, and Christopher F. Hyer, DPM, FACFAS
Operating room (OR) efficiency does not happen by accident. The ability to synchronize anesthesia, the OR staff and junior physicians can take the attending surgeon great time, effort and diplomacy within the hospital or surgery center. At the…
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