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  • May 2010 | Volume 23 - Issue 5
    David J. Soomekh, DPM, FACFAS
    34,750 reads | 3 comments | 04/28/10
    Platelet-rich plasma has become more popular over the last several years as an orthobiologic option for foot and ankle injuries. Incorporating a mix of research findings with his own clinical experience, this author takes a closer look at how PRP may be beneficial for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, bone augmentation and wound healing. ... continue reading
    Nicholas J. Bevilacqua, DPM, Lee C. Rogers, DPM, and George Andros, MD
    22,927 reads | 0 comments | 04/26/10
    The presence of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in patients with diabetes can result in devastating complications. Multidisciplinary care is critical for these patients. Accordingly, these authors review the current literature and offer pertinent diagnostic insights and keys to effective treatment. With diabetes affecting 5 to 10 percent of the U.S. population, effective management of diabetes-related complications is imperative both socially and fiscally. ... continue reading

    6,207 reads | 0 comments | 04/26/10
    Do Age And Weight Factor Into Success With Total Ankle Replacements? By Brian McCurdy, Senior Editor In recent years, surgeons have looked to total ankle replacements to abate pain caused by such conditions as ankle arthritis. A recent study in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery examines which patient conditions may facilitate better range of motion (ROM) and function following ankle replacement. ... continue reading
    John H. McCord, DPM
    6,927 reads | 0 comments | 04/21/10
    I recently had the pleasure of observing an ankle replacement while staying in Seoul, South Korea. Bom Soo Kim, MD, arranged for me to spend a day with his professor, Jin Woo Lee, MD, the Chief of the foot and ankle program at Yonsei University, a prestigious Korean medical school. ... continue reading

    7,257 reads | 0 comments | 04/21/10
    Online Answers For Reimbursement Do have questions about reimbursement for wound care products?    A new online guide may have the answers. Smith & Nephew recently introduced the Smith & Nephew Wound Management Reimbursement Resource Center, which includes the company’s complete line of wound care products. The guide is available at http://global.smith-nephew.com/ us/10209.htm. ... continue reading
    Bob Baravarian, DPM
    59,190 reads | 0 comments | 04/21/10
    The more I practice the care of foot and ankle ailments, the more I realize the importance of keeping an open mind and recognizing that no one treatment is perfect for all patients. As far as plantar fasciitis is concerned, I have come to realize that a treatment algorithm is important to set up for your practice. ... continue reading

    17,700 reads | 0 comments | 04/21/10
    When it comes to patients with wounds, medications and supplements may help abate the pain and spur healing. These expert panelists discuss key considerations with the use of supplements and pharmaceuticals for wound pain and neuropathic wounds. Q: What medications or supplements do you use for wound pain? ... continue reading
    Lynn Homisak, PRT
    18,430 reads | 1 comments | 04/21/10
    Having an office manager can bring increased efficiency and sanity to your podiatric practice, freeing you to focus more on the care of patients. This author details how an office manager can streamline operational systems, boost productivity and promote increased teamwork.    The bills are piling up. Staff is out of control. Policies get ignored. Patient flow becomes compromised. Efficiency is lacking. The front desk goes unsupervised. Stress is becoming the symptom du jour. ... continue reading
    John Mozena, DPM, and Brent Haverstock, DPM, FACFAS
    116,900 reads | 0 comments | 04/21/10
    Yes. In reviewing the early study findings and his own experience as a patient, this author says lasers have potential in the treatment of onychomycosis. By John Mozena, DPM Onychomycosis is one of the most commonly diagnosed foot problems that podiatrists treat. Two to 3 percent of the population is known to have onychomycosis and this incidence increases to 15 percent for those between the ages of 40 to 60.1 ... continue reading
    Jennifer Miklos, DPM, Alan Catanzariti, DPM, FACFAS, and Robert Mendicino, DPM, FACFAS
    154,817 reads | 0 comments | 04/21/10
    Given the intricacies of these fractures, these authors offer salient diagnostic pointers, a thorough review of the literature and pertinent pearls from their experience with the treatment of tuberosity fractures, Jones fractures and stress fractures of the fifth metatarsal. ... continue reading