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  • November 2008 | Volume 21 - Issue 11
    Dennis Janisse, CPed, and Erick Janisse, CPed, CO
    21,587 reads | 0 comments | 10/29/08
    Given the difficulties of managing neuromuscular conditions in the lower extremity, these authors offer key insights on the use of orthoses, shoe modifications and bracing devices for treating dilemmas ranging from lateral ankle instability to dropfoot.      The neuromuscular lower extremity presents a variety of challenges for the podiatrist, pedorthist, orthotist and physical therapist. Accordingly, one should have a strong understanding of the role of conservative stabilization for patients who have neurological deviations and deficits that may be caused by a variet... continue reading
    Lisa M. Schoene DPM, ATC, and Brian R. Kincaid, DC
    85,901 reads | 0 comments | 10/29/08
    Although podiatrists commonly encounter plantar fasciitis, injuries to the lateral band of the fascia are less frequently diagnosed. These authors offer anatomical insights, pertinent diagnostic pearls and key tips on treatment options.      When we think of heel pain, we traditionally think of the anatomy, etiology and the symptomatology of “medial band plantar fasciitis,” and do not give much thought to the lateral band. However, injury to this band does exist both at the calcaneus and at the insertion point at the plantar aspect of the fifth metatarsal base. The... continue reading
    Stephen L. Barrett, DPM, MBA, and Trevor Whiting
    20,478 reads | 0 comments | 10/29/08
    Although equinus has been recognized for centuries, are podiatrists failing to consider it as a possible contributing factor in heel pain cases? In a provocative article, these authors combine their insights with a review of the literature and speculate about the emerging role of endoscopic gastrocnemius recession in treating complex heel pain cases.      Equinus is one of the earliest published topics when it comes to surgery of the lower extremity. However, there still remains considerable controversy within podiatric medicine and surgery in regard to the recogniti... continue reading
    Bruce Werber, DPM
    20,850 reads | 0 comments | 10/29/08
    Given the emerging recognition of plantar fasciosis as a degenerative condition, this author surveys the literature, questions the use of therapy for short-term relief, suggests a fresh perspective on diagnostic protocols and offers insights on the roles of relatively new modalities to treat this condition.      The paradigm is changing as scientific evidence challenges traditional heel pain treatment. Despite anecdotal evidence of how cortisone injections help the pain of plantar fasciitis, we also know it does not work for all patients all the time. We need to step b... continue reading