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October 2008

Volume 21 Issue 10
By Robi Garthwait, Contributing Editor
There is no shortage of conditions in the lower extremity that may necessitate the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. Given potential polypharmacy issues for many patients, physicians may be leery of utilizing systemic options and favor topical…
New Options For Healing Damaged Skin Podiatrists may have two new options in their dermatology armamentarium. Kerol Emulsion and Kerol ZX can help promote healing of hyperkeratotic conditions such as psoriasis, xerosis and eczema, according to the…
By M. Joel Morse, DPM
Key Questions To Consider 1. What essential question does one still need to ask to help make the diagnosis? 2. What is the tentative diagnosis? 3. Can you list at least three differential diagnoses? 4. What features in this condition differentiate…
Guest Clinical Editor: Ronald Valmassy, DPM
Given the variety of conditions one sees in practice and ­­the challenge of ensuring optimal results with orthoses, expert panelists offer their take on utilizing orthotic modifications for different case presentations. Q: What modifications would…
By Christopher L. Reeves, DPM,Alan A. MacGill, DPM,Amber M. Shane, DPM, and Joseph A. Conte, DPM

Clinical Editor: John S. Steinberg, DPM
Ankle fractures in patients with diabetes present a great challenge for the foot and ankle surgeon. Indeed, there is an abundance of literature documenting the difficulty of managing diabetic ankle fractures. Surgical treatment can be fraught with…
By Brian McCurdy, Senior Editor
A decline in the number of graduating podiatric medical students combined with increasing demand for podiatric services could result in a shortage of DPMs, according to a recent study in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association (…
By Joseph M. Anain Jr., DPM, and Mike Daniels, DPM
Please click here for the full Continuing Medical Education article: Given the prevalent use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for OA, RA, soft tissue injuries and perioperative pain…
By Russell G. Volpe, DPM
Cerebral palsy (CP) is a non-progressive brain disorder characterized by insufficient development of postural reflexes (i.e. head control), prolonged retention of primitive patterns of activity, abnormal coordination and muscle patterning. As a…
By Marque Allen, DPM
Stress fractures of the tarsal navicular are an uncommon injury in the general population. However, people who engage in ballistic sporting events or recreational activities are at an increased risk of such an injury. The recognition of this injury…
By Paul R. Scherer, DPM, and Cherri S. Choate, DPM
Despite the prevalence of pes cavus, questions abound about etiology, classifications and appropriate treatment. Accordingly, these authors sort through the various classification systems, offer insights on the pathomechanics and share their…
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