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February 2020

Volume 33 Issue 2
By Joseph Vella, DPM
A 50-year-old female with a history of type 2 diabetes mellitus and prior skin cancer presented with a chief concern of a painful “growth” on her right foot, which had been present for one year. She believed it was a wart and was seeking treatment.…
By H. Mahmood Cheema, MD, Zachary T. Hart, DPM, Jalpen Patel, DPM and Dayana J. Sawh, DPM
Large defects in chronic Achilles tendon ruptures pose a significant challenge to the foot and ankle surgeon. Accordingly, these authors discuss the use of semitendinosus allograft to repair these defects in two cases.
By David Swain, DPM
When a patient presents with several years of unsuccessfully treated wounds, the provider must consider a wider range of diagnoses. This author discusses an interesting case that shows how biopsy and multidisciplinary collaboration can make a…
By Alton R. Johnson, Jr., DPM, Marissa Venero, DPM, Jean Holewinski, DPM, FACFAS and Marie Williams, DPM, FACFAS
While ainhum is a rare condition, it can have devastating and painful consequences. With this in mind, the authors discuss the progression of ainhum and keys to the diagnostic workup in the case of a patient who presented with significant pain and…
By Stephanie Hook, DPM, DABPM, FACPM
I believe that we all want to provide the best possible care for our patients. We spend years gaining our base knowledge and our entire careers adding to and building upon that education and training. We offer as many services and procedures as we…
By A. Douglas Spitalny, DPM
Whether it’s the star quarterback at Alabama, an NBA player with a high ankle sprain or a military recruit getting hurt on an obstacle course during basic training, it appears that syndesmosis injuries are pervasive. The number of syndesmosis videos…
By Priya Parthasarathy, DPM, DABPM and Michael Loshigian, DPM, FACFAS
By Bryan C. Markinson, DPM, FASPD
Given the common nature of longitudinal melanonychia, the potential link to melanoma in some cases and the varied differential diagnosis, this author offers salient diagnostic insights, assesses the utility of dermoscopy and emphasizes appropriate…
By Neal M. Blitz, DPM, FACFAS
While there has been a strong resurgence of interest for minimally invasive bunion surgery in recent years, a variety of complications can occur regardless of one’s experience with these procedures. Accordingly, this author shares insights from the…
By Jennifer Spector, DPM, FACFAS, Associate Editor
Could a new surgical suite inventory system, complete with surgical hardware, revolutionize the availability, accessibility and safety of surgical implants?
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