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A Unique Approach To Ankle Fusion 

Could a new modality reinvent ankle arthrodesis? 

Microvascular Assessment Tool Uses Optical Imaging To Illustrate Tissue Health 

The Clarifi® Imaging System from Modulim is the first non-invasive, non-contact microvascular assessment tool to use spatial frequency domain imaging (SFDI),…

A New Approach For Minimally Invasive Bunion Procedures?

For surgeons looking for another approach to performing minimally invasive bunionectomy procedures, an emerging modality be of strong interest.

New App Resource For Wound Care

A new mobile app may facilitate improved communication between podiatrists and patients about the progress of wound healing.

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A Solid Way To TTC Arthrodesis

A new arthrodesis system features a unique posterior offset along with a solid nail construct.

Occlusive Adhesive Patches

A new occlusive wound dressing can offer a waterproof barrier.

Fighting Microbes With Silver

An extracellular matrix harnesses the power of silver for an antimicrobial effect.

Flatfoot Correction At Its Peak

A new implant may provide podiatric surgeons with an alternative option for correcting progressive flatfoot in adult and pediatric patients.

Treating Ankle Fractures From All Angles

A new family of plates and screws allows surgeons to approach ankle fractures from various anatomy-specific angles.

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