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New Products May 2013

A Comforting ‘Buddy’ For Toes

There may be an answer for relieving irritation between toes and helping to remedy crooked toes in patients who are not surgical candidates.

   Designed like a “buddy splint,” the new Visco-GEL Toe Buddy™ device features a soft spacer that gently separates toes to relieve interdigital irritation, notes the manufacturer PediFix. The company explains that two flexible gel loops keep the spacer in perfect position, helping align crooked, overlapping toes while providing relief of toe-to-toe friction.

   Pedifix notes that the Toe Buddy is primarily designed for use on the first and second toes, and fits most patients.

Company: PediFix
Product: Visco-GEL® Toe Buddy
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A New Option In Ankle Fusion

Podiatric surgeons may have a new option to consider for tibiotalocalcaneal fusion with a retrograde intramedullary nail.

   Stryker has produced the T2 Ankle Arthrodesis Nail System based on the established T2 instrument platform and locking screws, the company notes. The company explains that the device features an anatomical fit through the calcaneal bone due to a 5 degree lateral bend.

   The product also offers internal tibiotalar compression up to 5 mm through the use of a cannulated compression screw and external talocalcaneal compression with an external apposition handle and sleeve.

Company: Stryker
Product: The T2 Ankle Arthrodesis Nail System
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Boots Made For Walking

A new line of walking boots may offer advanced comfort and simplicity to podiatrists and their patients.

   Aircast, a division of DJO Global, has designed the AirSelect line, replacing their pneumatic walking boot technology with clinically tested innovations to deliver the world’s lightest, simplest and most-advanced walking boot, according to the manufacturer.
DJO Global says the new line includes three walking boot options: AirSelect Elite, AirSelect Standard and AirSelect Short.

   AirSelect Elite is engineered to provide the ultimate in protection, comfort and edema control while providing full-shell protection, notes the company.
AirSelect Standard offers a moderate level of support and Aircast’s quality, effectiveness and comfort in an economical model, explains DJO.

   The company adds that AirSelect Short provides a solution for a number of indications related to forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot injuries, as well as some ankle injuries.

Company: DJO Global
Product: AirSelect
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New Products
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