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New Products August 2019

New App Resource For Wound Care

My Wound Healing App

A new mobile app may facilitate improved communication between podiatrists and patients about the progress of wound healing.

The MyWoundHealing app from KCI is a digital resource containing articles, videos and a wound healing tracker, which enables patients and providers to upload measurements and images. Educational content covers a multitude of topics from wound therapy principles to protocols for returning rental devices, according to KCI.

Users also have 24/7 interactive access to a Virtual Therapy Specialist and an after-hours hotline to promote adherence to therapy instructions. One can also reorder prescribed supplies, such as dressing or canisters, directly through the app.

The MyWoundHealing app is currently available for download on the Apple App Store. 

Company: KCI

Product: MyWoundHealing Mobile App

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An Alternative Soft Tissue Fixation Option For Digital Deformities


The TenoTac Soft Tissue Fixation System is designed to correct a variety of flexible and semi-rigid digital deformities with a single, reproducible technique, according to Paragon 28.

The new system features cannulated instrumentation, a two-handed technique and a threaded titanium implant with a spiked base. The company adds that the implant sleeve has a low-profile head to prevent soft tissue irritation while the tack has a single row of spikes that allows it to grip the tendon.

Surgeons can use the TenoTac system in a multitude of cases, including stabilization of the MPJ in conjunction with a proximal interphalangeal joint arthrodesis, as an adjunct to plantar plate repair or as a sole implant for flexible claw toe or mallet toe. Paragon 28 notes that podiatric surgeons also have the ability to adjust the tension they apply to specific tendons and fine-tune correction. 

Company: Paragon 28

Product: TenoTac Soft Tissue Fixation System

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A New Autologous, Homologous Option For Wound Healing


SkinTE, by Polarity TE, is a unique autologous, homologous full-thickness skin repair, regeneration and replacement product. Clinicians are currently utilizing SkinTE for acute and chronic wounds, surgical reconstruction, burns, scar revision, trauma, replacement of skin grafts and failed flap coverage.

The provider uses the SkinTE Harvest Box to take a small, full-thickness skin sample from the patient and sends the sample to PolarityTE. PolarityTE then manufactures SkinTE, which is contained within a syringe. Clinicians typically receive the SkinTE within 48-72 hours and subsequently apply it to the wound. The manufacturer says dressings are similar to acceptable care practices for skin grafts.

There is also a 24-hour product support system via the PolarityTE Real-Time Assistant (RTA) app, according to Polarity TE. The company notes the app offers a HIPAA-compliant method of communication between the company and providers.  

Company: PolarityTE

Product: SkinTE

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Ex Fix System Offers Enhanced Angulation

SEAL Mini Rail

The S.E.A.L. Mini Rail is a unique external fixation system with significant versatility and a wide variety of applications.

Surgeons may employ the system for triple arthrodesis, Lapidus procedures, subtalar joint fusions, talonavicular joint fusions, medial column fusions, first metatarsal diastasis and fixation of Jones fractures, according to the manufacturer D.N.E.

The company emphasizes that the S.E.A.L. Mini Rail system has a novel pin collet and clamp design. This allows the surgeon to independently choose pin placement since the clamps have unlimited angular ability. Available pin sizes include three, four or five mm with three pin collets. 

Company: D.N.E.

Product: S.E.A.L. Mini Rail

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New Products
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