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Learn From Top-Notch Educators And Practice Your Skills At The Midwest Podiatry Conference

Attendees of the 2019 Midwest Podiatry Conference took advantage of the conference’s 30-plus continuing education hours, learned from top lecturers and practiced their surgical skills at workshops.

The conference was held April 10–13 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Conference organizers tout the Midwest Podiatry Conference’s educational opportunities and new perspectives that helped DPMs increase practice growth, panel discussions that explored multidisciplinary treatment techniques, hands-on cadaver labs for enhancing surgical skills, and networking opportunities to help reconnect with colleagues.

Gene Nassif, DPM, has attended the Midwest Podiatry Conference on and off since he was in podiatry school in the mid-1980s. This year, he and fellow Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine alums celebrated their 30th class reunion during the Midwest Podiatry Conference. He praises the networking aspect of the conference.  

Tammi Chapman, DPM, has attended the Midwest Podiatry Conference annually since 1995.

“It is a super way to get CMEs, learn new things and meet up with friends,” she says.

Jerwana Laster, DPM, has been going to the Midwest Podiatry Conference since attending Scholl College from 2005 to 2009.

“I look forward to hearing lectures which keep me in the loop and up to date on the core of our profession,” says Dr. Laster.

She cites the lecture on the management of fungal infections by Tracey Vlahovic, DPM.

“Dr. Vlahovic really hit a home run on that,” says Dr. Laster. “She kept me interested and wanted to hear more. She really knows her stuff.”

Midwest Podiatry Conference organizers noted attendees could explore surgical breakthroughs at cadaver workshops where they could practice learned techniques like tendon transfer, nerve transfer and rheumatoid forefoot reconstruction. Dr. Nassif attended a minimally invasive bunionectomy workshop and performed two such bunionectomies on cadavers. Dr. Chapman did a hands-on cadaver workshop using a new plate system for a bunionectomy.

Dr. Nassif says the Midwest Podiatry Conference also changed his perspective on selling products in the office.

“With insurance companies not paying for many topicals or lousy products on formularies, I will be selling several products in my office for cash as the direct result of my advice from colleagues and visiting the exhibitors at the Midwest Podiatry Conference,” says Dr. Nassif, who is in private practice in Marion, Iowa. “This should be a more convenient, more successful and eventually less expensive alternative for our patients.”

At this year’s Midwest Podiatry Conference, Dr. Chapman found out about cannabidiol products for pain management. Beforehand, she had no idea there were so many different ways to use cannabidiol and now has samples and information for her patients. Dr. Chapman, who is in private practice in Robinson, IL, also won a new cryoprobe for her office to replace an old unit to treat plantar warts.

Several coding sessions allowed attendees to address their practice’s insurance and billing needs, note the conference organizers. The conference also provided a track to help attendees build a more efficient practice by exposing office personnel to industry expertise throughout the conference.  

Dr. Laster specifically enjoyed the session on electronic health records (EHR).

“I am still learning and deciding on what EHR program I would like to implement so this was helpful for me,” she notes.

Dr. Laster, who is in private practice in Indianapolis, praises the Midwest Podiatry Conference app. She notes the app made it “quite easy to get right on and contribute.”  

Conference organizers note the International Post-Graduate Research Symposium (IPGRS) Abstract and Poster Competition provided a “unique educational experience” for residents, fellows and preceptees to share research on topics that are changing the field of podiatry.

The 2020 Midwest Podiatry Conference will be held April 29 to May 2, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

Technology In Practice
By Brian McCurdy, Managing Editor
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