Why You Should Add A Medical Nail Technician To Your Practice­­

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Robert Spalding, DPM

   For these reasons, in addition to the increased income, I find that offering pedicures in my office by my MNT is important for my patients. I intend to add another MNT and market “safe pedicures” to the public as podiatrists are finding this brings many potential patients into their offices. If the MNT notes an “out-of-normal” nail or foot condition, the podiatrist reports to the pedicure chair for a quick consultation. This brings a new patient to the medical side of the practice. Many times, patients go immediately to the medical rooms for treatment if there is time on the schedule for a consultation.

In Conclusion

   It is time podiatrists take a look at how other specialties are adding profits to their practices and how their methods can work in our practices. Their enhancement of profits through physician extenders works in their offices. Why not ours?

   The truth is, physician extenders such as MNTs are out there for us now. They are trained and available. They can reduce our stress levels and go a long way toward facilitating additional profits in our practices.

Dr. Spalding is in private practice at Area Podiatry Centers with four offices in Tennessee.
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Anonymoussays: August 24, 2009 at 10:18 am

I have been a nail tech for 20 years and have seen much change over the years in the field. I do believe with the boomers moving through that this is the next trend for the manicurist. Regularly I have clients that cannot afford the cost of podiatry services thus using my abilities. I do believe that these should be performed in a more clinical atmosphere.
The problem is there are only a limited amount of advanced/medical nail technology courses available and there are limited career opportunities at this time. Should anyone know of a podiatrist looking for a licensed manicurist please let me know. As this is the route in which I would like to take.

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misterscruffsays: September 2, 2009 at 12:02 pm

Medical Nail Technician - this position was unheard of until just recently. The expertise of a licensed manicurist can be invaluable to any podiatrist who is looking for specific skills that may otherwise cannot learn through school. Because of this fact, specialized medical assistant programs are now becoming more popular.

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