Which of the following areas is in the greatest need of improvement in podiatric residency programs?

An emphasis on research
39% (47 votes)
Education on contract negotiations and other business skills
41% (50 votes)
Cultivation of leadership skills
9% (11 votes)
Direction and advice on student indebtedness
11% (13 votes)
Total votes: 121


Although I do believe the items listed in this poll are all important, only two have anything to do with residency training. Research and the development of leadership skills should be part of any good residency training program. However, I believe the training of competent and well prepared physicians and surgeons should be our collective goal. Frankly, this is our responsibility.

How about sufficient residency programs for ALL graduates, not just enough to cover the students passing the boards? Sadly, podiatry has one of the worst passing percentages, worse than pharmacy, MD/DO programs, etc.

Easier approval of residency programs. Less hassles/paperwork for facilities wishing to start a program.

None of the above. Basic everyday skills. Simple things like giving local anesthesia, knowing how to do a P & A as well as a subtalar arthrodesis. How to handle soft tissue. Most 3-yr residents I've seen can do none of these things.

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