When it comes to custom orthotics, do you use digital scanners in your practice?

28% (49 votes)
72% (128 votes)
Total votes: 177


We started using the TOG Gait Scanner several months ago. I am very happy with the scanner and the orthotics made from the scans. Patients like the modern technology and we are making more orthitics than before the scanner.
L Melnick D.P.M.

I tried a system for one year and had the most complaints about the fit and feel of the orthotics I've ever had in 16 years of private practice.

The technology is good and becoming better, however, the popularity is not there simply because it does not offer additional benefits using the digital scanners than without in the final products and it is not cost-effective with the investment, ie does not acquire a higher reimbursement with the use of it.

No not yet. I would like to try them. But I am waiting for Northwest Podiatric Orthotic lab to come out with one they feel is reliable. I trust in their expertise. I have tried may other lessor expensive labs over the years trying to cut the cost of my orthotics, always to come back to Northwest, they just make the best most reliable product on the market, so the additional money I spend on the device is offset by very little modifications or complaints. So it is worth it. A reliable scanner would help me speed up the casting process, but I will only use them if I can get the same results as I have now.

Samuel Cox, DPM
Goodyear, AZ

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