What is your practice's current position in regard to participating in Medicaid?

We have stopped participating in the Medicaid program altogether.
36% (108 votes)
We no longer see new Medicaid patients.
10% (31 votes)
We no longer perform elective surgery for Medicaid patients.
3% (10 votes)
We continue to see current and new Medicaid patients despite the reimbursement issues.
37% (110 votes)
We only see new Medicaid patients when referred by PCPs.
14% (42 votes)
Total votes: 301


I consider it charity work or giving back to society.

Continuing to accept low reimbursements in any setting is killing our practices.

I do charity work everyday when I see someone with no insurance and discount the bill or perform a service without fee. Unfortunately, to continue to accept low reimbursements sends the wrong message to the individuals who set and negotiate for lower and lower fees. Soon we will be paid like bus drivers and common laborers for what we do.

Stop taking Medicaid and Medicare patients, and you will force the reimbursements upward. Continue to accept them and all of our fees will continue to fall. Dentists once accepted fee-for-service plans, capitation, etc. As a whole profession, they finally rejected them all and now they balance bill. What did your last dental bill look like? A root canal takes minutes and has a fee ($1,500-$1,700) better than a bunionectomy. See what kind of car your dentist is driving. You'll see what balance billing could do for your income.

JUST SAY "NO" TO LOW REIMBURSEMENTS. STOP SIGNING UP FOR INSURANCE PLANS AND START BALANCE BILLING. You should be the one who decides how to dispense charity or give back to society ... not the government or the insurance companies.

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